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Ressha Gattai Build DaiOh – Ressha Gattai ToQger

Build DaiOh is basically the first stand alone figure in the line made up of it’s own trains, and combines with itself to create the robot. This creates a super color definitive robot, which is quite different from the rest of the ToQger mecha, but suited for what we see with the stronger additional mecha that come about later in the Super Sentai series run.

Build DaiOh is a great looking mecha. From the top, it has a crane on it’s head. I love me some great Super Sentai mecha hats, and this one is fantastic!  On it’s chest, it has railroad tracks running down the middle, with yellow suspenders down the sides, like ToQ6.

The arms have one hand, and one Ressha. The Ressha side allows for a longer reach with the digging claw. A nice addition for battle.  All the way down, both sides match very well, to the mirrored legs.

In train mode, Build Dai-Oh is actually two trains. The front train is the torso and arms, and looks pretty much like it. This part contains the front digger, as well as the crane. Really, it has all of the important parts that are needed for track maintenance.


The back part of the train becomes the legs and lower torso (waist). It is nothing more than a rolling set of tracks itself, to allow the front train some additional height.

If you got the Appli Changer before, it came with a candy version of the Build Ressha. That one is not compatible with the Build DaiOh.

Not only does the Build Ressha that comes with Build DaiOh have more detail and paint, but it is also a working version, with the front of the engine becoming a back-hoe.

Build DaiOh, Diesel-Oh, and ToQ-Oh are all fairly similar in size.  They all end at about the same height, with Build DaiOh taking the height by the slimmest of margins with the top of it’s head.Next to Cho Ressha Gattai Cho ToQ-Oh, Build DaiOh still holds it’s own.  Cho ToQ-Oh definitely has height in the cannons on the arms, but the main body does not get much taller, save for the large railroad horns.

Combine the three together, and you end up with Cho Cho Ressha Gattai Cho Cho ToQ-DaiOh. Now THAT is a mouthful. Basically we are throwing everything we have at the bad guy before we have to go even bigger by bringing in the Hyper Ressha.

It looks great in this mode, though there are only a few changes to combine Build DaiOh to Cho ToQ-Oh. The chest of Build Dai-Oh becomes the taller chest and head. And the waist, legs become the feet. Then the two arms combine with the Fumikiriken in sword mode to create a lance that it can use to finish off the enemy with the Imagination Express finishing move.

The only problem I have with this whole thing is how the bottom part is created. The legs and waist stay together, and they take away any movement down there. The feet are connected in the back. It seems like Bandai should have been able to put a break in there to allow us to only use the feet part of Build Dai-Oh, and not have to have the waist stuck back there.

Build DaiOh is in the middle flanked by Diesel-Oh above and ToQ-Oh below.   Diesel-Oh and Build DaiOh are similar lengths, with ToQ-Oh going way longer.   That is due to ToQ-Oh having overlapping trains in mecha mode, so though the train is longer, the mecha is a similar height to the other two.

I cannot imagine a fan of ToQger not having a great time with this figure or being extremely happy with the purchase.  It is a much needed piece for the collectors, and Build Dai-Oh is a great addition to any shelf.

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