Chop Shop – Legends Class – Combiner Wars

Chop Shop is another Legends Class figure in the Combiner Wars line, within the Generations line, within the Transformers franchise. Wanted to see if you could keep up with all of that.  Overall, he is a great looking figure. They updated his original brown to more of a burnt red color, which looks a lot better than brown.

He is a really good size as a Legends scale figure. I like it when Hasbro actually makes the Legends figures in the scale they belong in. No more of Optimus or Megatrons in that little scale. We should be getting figures in three scales, and there should be thought as to which scale they work best in.

Originally out in 1985 with other Insecticons, he didn’t make a reappearance until 2013, when he was a tiny version that another Legends version of Megatron carried around with him, and pretended Chop Shop made a good gun.

Chop Shop is a natural figure they would want to make. He is a retool of Skrapnel from the earlier Generations line, and a bit of new paint, and a new head makes for an easy issue of this figure.  When most think of the Insecticons, they think of the black, purple and yellow guys. But there were other guys too. Chop Shop is one example. Hopefully we will see some more created in this great scale.

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