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Zootopia – Operation Red Wood – Target Exclusive

Zootopia is out, and it is phenomenal. I had grabbed a few of the Target Exclusive 2-Packs a while back, and I am glad I did. This set, Operation Red Wood is actually a pretty major part of the story line where we get to see Nick Wilde in action and really get Judy riled up about Nick being a con artist.

They did a great job with the set. They have Nick and Finnick dressed as they were in the scene. They have the ice cream shop elephant, Jerry Jumbeaux Jr. Jerry is actually a total jerk. He won’t sell Nick a popsicle because Nick is a fox. Of course there is a whole setup behind the scenes, but Jerry doesn’t know that. He is just a jerk.

At the end of the con, Nick and Finnick sell the red popsicle sticks to the mice construction workers. He tells them they are red wood. Later when Judy confronts Nick about the lie, Nick says, “I said they were red, space, wood.” They got it right on the box and called it “Operation Red Wood” which makes me happy to no end.

The figures are well done. The details are nice. Nick is the same as you can find in the 2-pack. I had Nick from the 14-pack that had the wrong color shirt in a repaint, so I was happy to get my hands on him this way. He is the most articulated figure in this set. Finnick has a moving head. He is in his Ele Finnick outfit that is special to this set.

Jerry has shoulder movement, head swivel and trunk swivel. He comes with a giant popsicle. That will be $15. Yikes! That is an expensive popsicle, but I guess since it is bigger than Nick, it would be worth it.

The two mice are stationary, but that is what we expect from the small figures. They come with the cutest construction truck in the world.

It has two posts inside for sitting, as well as an extra post in the bed of the truck.

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