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Dino Steel Rangers – Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

The Dino Steel Rangers are pretty much like the standard Dino Rangers with the exception of their themed weapon, and the armor down their right arm. Not a bad way for them to make more money off of us. Just change an arm, and add a new weapon.

This line has continued the 5 inch figures which are good sized. I am not crazy about the shiny plastic. I think it should be a bit more dull in tone, to give a bit more of a fabric feel, and less of a plastic appearance.

They all move well, with the exception of the Pink Ranger. She cannot move well at the hips, and that pretty much kills any good posing for the figure. And with her Tricera drill, she could have been in some pretty great poses  Red, Black, Green, and Pink all have a good hold on their weapons. I found that Blue has some trouble holding his shield, as it is a bit on the front heavy side, and wants to fall forward. Can’t protect yourself with a shield held horizontally.

A bonus photo. I am playing around with lighting on my new set. I have been able to get some pretty big light changes with the movement and elimination of lights.

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