Smokescreen – Combiner Wars – Sky Reign

I am continuing to slog my way through the two newest sets of Combiner Wars. I found Smokescreen last night at Target, and I think someone really is out there to slow things down. There was one Smokescreen and two Wheeljacks. What I really need are some of the Voyager class figures. It is going to be hard to build a Combiner without a leader.

Smokescreen looks great. We most recently saw Smokescreen in the Prime TV show, and he was a great character. We also saw him earlier in the Generations line when he went back to his Datsun G1 roots by becoming a Nissan 350Z, a definite nod to the G1 car that was a Datsun 280ZX Turbo.

This version of Smokescreen went with the same paint scheme as all of the previous versions with red, white, and blue. Probably less a nod to the USA, and more of a really contrasting color combo that will pop on the shelf. And boy does he! The red and blue are so vibrant.

He is a retool of Dead End, from way back at the beginning of the line. It was heavily retooled into Streetwise. From there it was given a new head and repainted into Prowl, and Smokescreen. In the G1 line, Smokescreen was retooled into Prowl too. Guess we are going to have to hope for a Bluestreak somewhere in the near future.

Overall I am happy with Smokescreen. We get the articulation that we see in most of the Generations line. The colors are right on. We don’t get shoulder mounted missiles as we did in the G1 figure, but that is to be expected. I am not loving the car mode, as we have seen it a bunch of times before. I do wish the blue paint matched the blue plastic a bit better since there is a giant mis-colored patch down the door on both sides of the car, and the only real distraction from the fan favorite #38.

Up next, the last of the Deluxe Class figures for Sky Reign.


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