ToQ Buckle – Ressha Sentai ToQger (Shield Ressha)

The ToQ Buckle is probably the least fun live action accessory of the ToQger line. It is a simple buckle that has a center part that clips in and out. The reason I got it was, similar to most anyone who got the ToQ Buckle, for the Shield Ressha.

The ToQ Buckle will make a good display piece that will show off the team buckle and make a nice centerpiece for all of the Ressha, but that is about all.

The Shield Ressha is what this whole set is about.   It can be used in blaster, changer, and as an auxiliary arm for both ToQ-Oh and Diesel-Oh.

The Shield Ressha was used many times in the show, so it is a must have for ToQger collectors.   It splits in half down the middle to the midpoint of the train.

Add a little offense to the defense with a team-up of the Police and Shield Resshas.  The Shield is a powerful defensive weapon for the team.

It has stop lights inside that are the colors of the ToQgers.


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