Shockwave – Transformers: Generations – Combiner Wars – Bruticus

Now this is what a Legends figure should look like that changes into a weapon for a Combiner!!!! We should have seen Shockwave sooner with other figures like him, but better late than never.

Shockwave looks like his G1 self, as do most of the Combiner Wars figures. He has one hand, and one gun/hand. He transforms into a large cannon that can be wielded by anyone, since he has the same post that goes into a standard port. The only problem is, with his size, he is too heavy for any of the Deluxe figures to hold him up in their hands. Of course, he goes with Bruticus, so he would be in the proper scale with him, though I am still not finished collecting all of the parts to Bruticus to see just how cool Shockwave looks in his hand. Gotta be better than the strange design of Powerglide and Viper.

Overall, he is a really good figure. He makes sense in the smaller Legends scale, though in the G1 show he was quite big. But then again, he was one of those strange Transformers who became smaller as he transformed to fit in another bot’s hand. This works much better.

I know, you are thinking, “If you don’t have Bruticus, who is holding Shockwave?”  Well, I was having a bit of fun with a photoshoot, and you will have to wait and see who is holding Shockwave.

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