Applichanger for ToQ 6gou – Ressha Sentai ToQger

This is the Applichanger. The ToQgers use their ToQ Changers to change into ToQgers. For ToQ 6gou, he uses the Applichanger by running the Build Ressha down the track. The Applichanger also has the ability to be used as a communicator with the rest of the ToQgers.

The Applichanger looks really good. It is thick and strong, and well built. It has a lot of pictures on the main screen,but only 4 of them actually work. The sounds are actually quite obnoxious. The Applichanger has similar sounds to the other electronics, but they are incredibly loud.

The track slides out to the side. It has a button part way down the track, so it doesn’t matter which Ressha is slid down the track, it all reads the same, since there is no real electronics there.

Along with the great details on the phone, there is also the grey side bar along the edge of the phone. It has the power button, but more importantly it has some great information.

It says “Applichanger” which is of course what it is. It also says “ToQ-006” and “ToQ6” who is clearly the owner. It also has the time set for “7:30” which is what time the show came on.

Overall, this is a fun display piece. I got it for a good deal on Amazon, so I am not too worried about it. I will probably never use the sounds, since they are so loud. The Ressha is not usable by anything but the electronics. It is what they call a candy Ressha. It is for looks and cosplay only. You cannot use it with the rest of the Ressha in your collection. Of course, what would you want to do with it, if you don’t have the rest of the Build Ressha anyway?


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