Hope Summers – Marvel Legends Terrax Wave 2012

This is a figure from the Marvel Legends way back machine. She is part of the 2012 Terrax wave. I have no real love for Hope, but I liked the overall look of the figure. She came with a good outfit, and had a big gun. Plus parts to build Terrax, if I ever got around to it at some point in the future.

I ordered her off of Amazon for a really good price. Probably a good 2012 price, and definitely a good 2015 price for the going rate of Legends figures right now.

Upon opening her up, she fell apart. This was during the time period of the crazy poses in the packaging. Well, take thin limbs into account, and her legs were super wonky. So much so, that the left leg fell right off, and couldn’t fit back onto the peg on her hip. Well, I stuck her under a box of stuff, and let those legs straighten out for a few days. Upon removal from the underside of the box, the legs were straight, and the left leg popped right back on.

Now I have a nice looking Hope on my shelf, and an ugly dude’s head and axe that have been united with Terrax’s torso from Constrictor, awaiting the rest of the body parts.


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