Police Ressha and Fire Ressha – Ressha Sentai ToQger

The list of Ressha I have is continuing to grow longer.  The show is really great, and I am having fun collection all of the trains and learning more and more about this show and I collect.

The police Ressha is a two-car train with a police motif. The cars separate in the middle and allow the reveal of weapons.

In the front car is a blue gun. It flips out forward. It can attach to ToQ-Oh’s hand, and has been used on both hands.

The back car is a handcuff. It opens on the top and bottom, can twist side to side, and it is removable. Now I just wish I had someone for ToQ-Oh to capture.

When placed in the ToQ Changer, it says Police Ressha, and then makes a police siren instead of the dinging train crossing bell. Fun!

Fire Ressha is similar to Police Ressha in that it is a two-car set. that separates in the middle.

The front car has an interesting fold, and becomes a fire extinguisher that can be held by ToQ-Oh. Fear not, the fire extinguisher can also be used as a flame thrower.

The back car becomes a hook and ladder with a nozzle attachment. It can be used to fight fires, as well as save people. It has an impressive reach.

Together they cover a common need in any society.  Protection.  These two make a great team, and a good addition to the growing ToQger collection.

As usual, I took more photos than I can put on here, so head over to my Flickr page to see lots more pictures.


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