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Doctor Strange, Vision – Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Series

Today we take off into the world of Marvel once again.  I have had my hands on the Hulkbuster Series of Legends for quite a while.   They came out quickly on the tail of the Rhino Series.   They went away, and now they are back with a vengeance for the holiday time.  This is a good series to get if you are a casual collector of Legends.  There are some good figures, but really we culminate with one of the best Build-a-Figures since the Sentinel.  Hulkbuster is big, has good articulation, and is ready for a fight.  More on him later.   First off, let’s take a look at the pair that are called “Marvel Heroes” on their shared box, Doctor Strange and Vision.

Doctor Strange:

I am a big fan of this version of Doctor Strange. Usually in blue with a giant cape and huge lapel, this version is much more subdued. The tunic and belt look wind blown, which goes well with the rest of his look of casting a spell.  He comes with Hulkbuster’s leg, which is almost his size, and probably twice as heavy. He also has some of his mystic powers that attach to his hands, similar to Scarlet Witch.

He is a bit on the muscular side for who he is supposed to be. I would expect a little more of a regular bodied person. But I guess it wouldn’t be a comic hero if they weren’t muscular.


I was ready to hate vision. There were a lot of people I read about that were really poo-pooing him.

He is a little on the plain side, but the paint is well executed with a really nice combination of yellow, light green, and metallic green. His face and hands stand out as they are red. He has one fist, and an open hand that is definitely Spider-Man’s, and slightly too big for him. I think the hand size works well for Spider-Man, but looks a little too cartoony for Vision.


Next up, we will take a look at the ladies of this wave.  They are really well done, and once again I am very pleased with the good choices they have made to keep the women from being to flimsy.   Stay tuned…

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