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Hot Wheels – Iron Man and Hulkbuster Iron Man

These two make a great combination. First off, the metallic dark red is a beautiful color. Match it with lots of gold chrome, and it looks amazing.

The Iron Man car (#1) looks like something that Tony would concoct to get a suit to him quickly. I could see this drive down the road and transform to go onto his body. It has jet engines in the back, and a bit of clear blue plastic here and there for a great additional touch.

The Hulkbuster Iron Man (#19) is even more amazing. Now this one, I could see driving suits around waiting to be called into action. It has the matching metallic red and gold chrome.

Of course the Hulkbuster suit was not much without Iron Man inside to control it. Fear not, this version of the Hulkbuster also fits the Iron Man car into the back. Iron Man fits in there nice and tight. There are some indents in the floor of the truck bed that allows the Iron Man car to stay in place very well.

This is a fantastic vehicle for car collectors, comic collectors, and the kids who just want to play. I would be very sad to see this paint job get ruined by rough play, but then it will be a “Battle Damaged” version, right?

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