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Pacific Rim – Horizon Brave

Horizon Brave, one of the first Yagers constructed. It is armed with shoulder-mounted Cryo Cannons. On the toy, they deploy with the press of a button. We don’t get a lot of spring loaded firing in this day and age. And to get one on a figure that looks this good is really great.

Since Horizon Bravo is a Mark-1, he is pretty bulky. Built in China, he has two Chinese pilots. In the beginning sequence of the movie, you can see Horizon Bravo being built, and there was at least one more behind it, on the production line. There could have been other sister Yagers out there that we haven’t seen.

Horizon Brave will be launched in about a month from now on Dec. 22, 2015. In a novel, it teams with the famous Gypsy Danger and the newly minted Striker Eureka in Nov. 2019 to take on a Category IV Kaiju Only one cat V has ever been seen, so that means the Kaiju they were fighting was pretty darn big.

Overall this figure is fantastic. Just what you would want from a Pacific RIm figure. He is robust with lots of good articulation, and the added bonus of firing missiles. He is a little top heavy, but not too bad with the well designed legs. Let the battle begin!


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