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Marvel Legends – Story Photoshoot (Ultron Wave)

This is a story I took pictures of in the forest. i was walking around looking for a place to do the photoshoot for my review of the figures, and I came across this rocky beach area along the creek I was following.

Good Vs Evil in this Ultron Wave Smackdown!

1 – Bulldozer vs. Ant-Man

2 – Bulldozer takes down Ant-Man

3 – Crushing Blow to Ant-Man

4 – Enter Giant Man to protect Ant-Man

5 – Tiger Shark lurking in the water

6 – Wasp comes in to break up this fight

7 – Grim Reaper wants a piece of this Avengers team-up

8 – Black Ant rings Bulldozer’s bell

9 – Bulldozer is hard to bring down

10 – Ant-Man is back up and taking care of Tiger Shark

11 – Double teaming Bulldozer is the only way to take him down

12 – The bad guys are down

13 – Great job team. You work well together.

14 – Don’t forget about Ultron…

15 – Everybody RUN!!!!

This was a lot of fun to do.   It was 2 months ago, and this was really the kick-off to the change in my photography of toys.  I have been finding it so fun to take more action poses and try to get the figures to stand on their own in dynamic poses.  This was certainly not an easy feat on this rocky ground, with water running along the creek, bugs biting me, and trying to squish myself onto the little beach along with all of the figures…and still take pictures of them.  I am really looking forward to getting out there more, and creating more photo shoots on location.

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