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Power Rangers Dino Charge – Villains

This is quite an impressive list of bad guys for the Power Rangers Dino Charge 5 inch line.  10 villains in the initial line (11 if we include the Vivix that came out way at the beginning).  They did a great setup by including so many bad guys on Sledge’s ship.  We have always seen a huge number of bad guys in each of the shows, but to my knowledge, this is the biggest showing in a single toy line.


Sledge is our resident bad guy leader.  He seems to be a little worse than the rest we have seen before.  Maybe the bad guys are finally stepping up their game.   Sledge is mostly a really great copper color, with some green body showing, and black on the fingers.   He comes with a cannon that he can hold in his right hand.

He has okay articulation, the best of all of the figures.  He has a swivel neck, double joints on the shoulders (swist, and pivot), as well as on the hips.  He also has joints on the knees and elbows.  Not quite as good as the Power Rangers, but very good for a bad guy.


Mostly clad in blue steel, with red, white, and blue accents, he kind of gets lost in the bright colors of the other figures.   He has some really nice detailing on his body.  He comes with an axe.  It is a single color, but on the show, the details are many colors.  It could do with a bit of an upgrade.  He has good articulation on the top, with head turn, shoulders and elbows.  Down at the bottom, he has hips, but they are very limited due to all of the stuff that hangs low.  He has no knees, but has some swivel in his feet to help him stand.


She is one strange unit on the show.  And she is a strange figure too.  She is a mish-mash of stuff.  From the coin purse torso, to the rest of the outfit stitched together.  She has some amazing details.  Many are hidden because they are on the green parts of her body.   She has a little head movement, and her arms can move on a swivel forward and back, but not too far because of her cape.   She does have wrist swivels, which we don’t see on many of these figures.  She also has limited movement in her hips.  No knees or feet.She comes with a yellow watering can.

Ice Monster:

The first monster that Tyler and Shelby go up against and learn of their new given powers.  This guy is pretty awesome.  He has GIANT hands with blue spikes.   Strangely enough, he can stand up well, even when those hands are out in front of him.  He only has a single joint in the shoulders, but two in the elbows.  He also has head, knees, and hips.   It seems to be a toss-up as to what they decide to include with each figure.

He is another figure with great details, hidden in vast amounts of the same color.  In addition to all of the white details, he also has ice skates that have been turned into blades for the front of his feet.


Ah, Spellbinder.  You regular watchers of Power Rangers may remember Spellbinder putting a spell on Chase.  There always has to be some point in the series where a Power Ranger has to be turned evil and the rest have to break the spell.   Well, this was the guy to do it.   He has movement in his head, shoulders, hips, and knees.  They did a really good job of showing off all of the stuff he has wrapped around his legs.  I would have liked to see the cape painted purple on the inside to give a bit more definition between his body and the cape.  The list of paint apps continues to grow longer.


Oh the irony!  Slammer is a prison guard, who is a prisoner of Sledge.  The use of brown for his body is a bit of a cop-out, since only his chest is supposed to be brown.  The rest of his is a large array of colors, from grey to black and even some copper.   Because of the design of his upper torso and shoulders, he does not have shoulder movement, but only movement in the elbows.   He also has head, hips, and knees.

Sting Rage:

Sting Rage was sent to get the Ankylo Zord.  Though it gave the Rangers some trouble for a time, you know the bad guys can’t hold onto Zords for long.  He is a great creepy looking guy.  The more you look at him, the creepier he gets.  He has all of the standard movement, and also comes with his Stinger Trident.

Puzzler is very intelligent, not what you would think when you look at a flat-faced foe.  He has shoulder joints, hips and knees.   He comes with a pink flag that says “GOAL.”  On his left leg, it says “GAME OVER.”


Bones comes with a jar that attaches to his hip via a post on the jar.  This is where he collects the “backbones” of his foes, ultimately leaving them cowering and helpless.  He is one of the less articulated figures, with shoulders, elbow swivel, and foot swivel.   His main body is hollow, which makes him feel very light.


The Vivizord was someone that we were supposed to see much earlier in the toy line, but it seemed to have been pushed back to come out with all of the villains.   It is in the 5 in scale, but he is a giant monster made up of many Vivix all mashed together.   Thankfully, now we have someone for our 5 inch Dino Charge Megazord to fight.  He does not have much articulation.  Just swivel in the shoulders and hips, and that is it.   Even some wrist movement or mouth movement on any of the three mouths would have gone a long way with this guy.  He is very limited.

Under the power of Sledge, who is holding these monsters for bounty, this is the team assembled to take down the Power Rangers.   What will we see as we move into Dino Super Charge?  Will we see some worse guys to go up against our Super Charged Rangers?  Only time will tell.


Napoleon Bonafrog – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Napoleon Bonafrog was a hard guy to get a hold of.   There are still season one figures warming the pegs, but it is rather impossible to get my hands on some of the newer guest characters.   I am not fond of the previous season of TMNT,  where the Turtles spent their time on the farm, and running around through the forest.   There were some highlights, like the Vision Quest episode that gave us the Mystic Turtles.  Mostly there was some really strange stuff, like the mutagen car that tried to eat Casey Jones.   A few of the characters did stand out, and those made it to the shelves…presumably.   I am still looking for the Dark Dream Beaver, but it looks like they are listed on the back of boxes, but coming out much more slowly.    We end up with a lot of mixed story lines in waves.  We got Dimension X (space suit) Turtles, while we are still waiting for figures from last season.  So, things seem to be weird there.

Napoleon Bonafrog is a character that really stood out in the last season, since he was pretty much an homage to Napoleon Dynamite, and had him pegged to a T.   The figure is a pretty good representation, but that does not mean he is perfect.    Look-wise, he is great.  He has the mannerisms, with the great face, the giant forearms, and the fantastic clothes that include his unicorn shirt that says “Happiness is Friends,” as well as his amazing fanny pack.  Not to forget about his mud hat, that looks like a poop hat.  He comes with one accessory, his “Razor-Sharp Spear.”

The articulation is a bit wonky.  He has strange shoulder and hip joints that allow for swivel and pivot movement, to allow for some range of motion, but it is pretty robotic.  There needed to be one more joint in the elbow and knee to really work well.  He also has neck swivel, which is pretty standard with the secondary characters in the TMNT Playmates line.

Overall, I am glad I was able to find him, and add him to the collection.  He is a bit of an odd figure, and that is a good thing.   I would like to have seen more articulation in the figure for posing and photography, but a lot of these figures have been slight misses here, so you shouldn’t be too surprised.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles MiniMates – Wave 2

I love the number of accessories these guys come with.   Pizza in every box.  Weapons galore.   Don’t forget about the pets, Ice Cream Kitty and Spike.  What a great set of Turtles and secondary characters.  All of the figures come with a stand and a key chain.  I had so much fun taking pictures of these guys that I had way more pictures than I wanted to post here.  Check out the special album on my Flickr account for looks at the head swaps and more.

Leo comes with his standard head, along with scared face and Pizza Mask. Take off the pizza mask, and he has an unmasked face underneath.  He also comes with his two Katana as well as a grappling hook. He also comes with a pizza box.

Splinter has his cane and katana blade.

Casey and Mikey come with so much fun stuff. Casey comes with all of his sports gear including two hockey gloves, two hockey sticks, a baseball bat, and his scary mask. He comes with a painted face alternate head with his bandana wrapped around his head. If you take off his mask, you get a clean face Casey. You also get a set of hands to allow Casey to walk around in his normal street clothes.

Mikey comes with his nunchucks, happy face, smiling face, full pizza, skateboard, and Ice Cream Kitty.

Donatello come with a bladed version of his bo staff, as well as a grimacing face, love face, two slices of pizza, a mutigen finder, and a mutigen storage tank.

The Krang comes with a Krang, and a Krang’s gun. When you remove the Krang’s suit jacket, it reveals the Krang painted on the torso underneath.

This Donnie is the same version as the full color version, but you can see through him. He comes with his staff, but is missing the rest of the accessories.

The Krang in the set is the same as the Krang that comes in the standard set, but really, you need more than one Krang. It is a must for more bad guys.

Raph comes with his grimace face (standard for Raph), as well as a startled face. He also comes with two sais, three throwing stars, two slices of pizza, and Spike (before he went and got giant and mean).

Anton Zeck is decked out in his pre-Beebop gear. Someday he will be an ugly pig, but not quite yet. He does not come with any accessories, but he sports his awesome see-through mohawk.

I really like how they are all slightly different shades of green with different colors for their shells.  Even their pads and wraps differ.

Lots of good guys, some bad guys, and a lot of pint sized fun.

If you are looking for more pictures of these great figures, visit my TMNT Flickr Album Here. Click on my Flickr folder on the right menu bar for even more pictures.

Clash of the Transformers – Megatronus and Optimus Prime (Warrior Class)

Megatronus was a figure I did not think we would see here in the US. It seemed like it was going to end up only being released in Asia and Canada. On the packaging that shows another Transformer from the line, none of them said anything about a Warrior Class Megatronus.
Well, either they are going to be coming out very slowly in this small 5 figure line, or one accidentally ended up at my local Toys R Us. Either way, he is a pretty good figure.

In robot mode, he looks like a knight with the face shield and silver paint. He, of course, has the purple that all bad guy leaders should be sporting. He has pretty good movement. It would have been nice to get some wrist movement, but this is about what we are getting with the Robots in Disguise figures.  He has a very sturdy base of two giant legs to stand on. There is good movement in the knees, as well as the hips and waist, that he can get some fairly dynamic poses.

One area that has a bit of a problem is the ball joint under his chest. The balls pop out very easily when he is being positioned.

In vehicle mode, he looks like a tank version of Shockwave. I could see this easily getting a new head sculpt down the line with some new feet, and really making a good Shockwave.
The turret on top rotates. There is not a lot else that he needs to do. He rolls on wheels under the molded in place treads.


Optimus Prime:

If you have seen the first version of the Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime in the Warrior Class, there is nothing new here, but a darker paint scheme. The black sure does make him look like he means business.
In robot mode, he looks like Optimus, and that is about all we can ask for in this figure. He has some good movement in his body. and really compliments Megatronus. He also has the massive legs that allow him to stand very well.

In vehicle mode, he is a really long truck. Good luck turning that thing around the corner. I think it was a bad move to try and incorporate the trailer into the body. We have had a lot of tractors without trailers over the years, but I don’t think making a super long truck with no center movement was the way to go. It also looks terrible from the top, where it looks like Optimus folded up… which I know he is, but he should not be noticeable from the top.

These two play off of each other so well.  This is a great color scheme for Optimus in the Clash of the Transformers sub-line.   Even though they are both in the Warrior Class, they look good facing off.

They are on the small side for playing along with the rest of the Robots in Disguise figures.  Hasbro really needs a slightly larger scale for these to go into, like how they did with Animated, and pretty much every line leading up to this one.

I think Megatronus is the guy to look out for in the Class of the Transformers sub-wave at Toys R Us.  He is a good figure, and he wasn’t in the regular line.  Optimus is the same with a new paint scheme.  If you haven’t gotten the first version, this one is a bit better looking with the dark paint.   Really, with all of the fantastic Combiner Wars figures out there, the Robots in Disguise line really took a back seat for me this time around.  I have more of the line in boxes than are out of the boxes, as opposed to nearly all of the Combiner Wars figures out and displayed.

Daredevil (1st Appearance) – Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends

Who would have guessed that Walgreens would have really stepped up their game with some Marvel Legends Exclusives?  First we had Ant-Man, and now we have the really well colored first appearance of Daredevil.

This guy has been blowing up the toy sites, first with the surprise that he was being offered at Walgreens, and then that he would look so good.

He is a repaint of the recent release of Daredevil in his modern outfit. Really, the big difference is in the paint. It is amazing how they could repaint the guy, and have him look so different.

He comes with his batons, this time in red, and this time in a much stiffer plastic than the horrid rubber the last Daredevil had to run around with.

He also comes with an alternate head, which is totally awesome. I have already seen people popping the head on the Chameleon body. Guess Hasbro did a good job here. People are going out to buy a second or third Chameleon body so they can have Matt Murdock running around the streets. Then all they have to do is fabricate a cane.

Overall a fantastic figure. A great addition to any Marvel Legends collector’s shelf.

Young Arlo – The Good Dinosaur

Now for something totally different…

Not far from the release of the new Pixar film, The Good Dinosaur, we are on our way with toys. Today was the first day I saw them in stores. They have a mid-size line with some of the smaller characters, and a large scale line with some more highly detailed figures.

This is Young Arlo. Guess Arlo will live to grow up at some point in the film, since there is also a large figure of him later on.

These toys are put out by TOMY, which we all know is a quality company. If nothing else, these toys will stand up to play by kids.

The mid-sized figures like Arlo here come with a small additional animal. They are made to go with Forrest, who looks like he is a triceratops, but with a lot of extra horns on his mane. Apparently Forrest walks around with lots of animals on his horns, and this is a fun way to get kids to collect all of the animals.

Arlo has 7 points of articulation. His mouth hinges open. His neck is on a swivel, and his tail matches with one as well. All four legs are hinged, and swing front to back. A little side motion would have gone a long way to make him an even better figure.

Overall, he is a very cute figure, and looks pretty accurate to the trailers we have seen so far.

Marvel Legends – Story Photoshoot (Ultron Wave)

This is a story I took pictures of in the forest. i was walking around looking for a place to do the photoshoot for my review of the figures, and I came across this rocky beach area along the creek I was following.

Good Vs Evil in this Ultron Wave Smackdown!

1 – Bulldozer vs. Ant-Man

2 – Bulldozer takes down Ant-Man

3 – Crushing Blow to Ant-Man

4 – Enter Giant Man to protect Ant-Man

5 – Tiger Shark lurking in the water

6 – Wasp comes in to break up this fight

7 – Grim Reaper wants a piece of this Avengers team-up

8 – Black Ant rings Bulldozer’s bell

9 – Bulldozer is hard to bring down

10 – Ant-Man is back up and taking care of Tiger Shark

11 – Double teaming Bulldozer is the only way to take him down

12 – The bad guys are down

13 – Great job team. You work well together.

14 – Don’t forget about Ultron…

15 – Everybody RUN!!!!

This was a lot of fun to do.   It was 2 months ago, and this was really the kick-off to the change in my photography of toys.  I have been finding it so fun to take more action poses and try to get the figures to stand on their own in dynamic poses.  This was certainly not an easy feat on this rocky ground, with water running along the creek, bugs biting me, and trying to squish myself onto the little beach along with all of the figures…and still take pictures of them.  I am really looking forward to getting out there more, and creating more photo shoots on location.

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