Marvel Legends – Rhino Series – Chameleon

You know this one is special right off the bat when you see so many heads in the box.   Not to mention three guns, and a giant Rhino arm.

What better way to show off my new gun crates than to do it with Chameleon and his multitude of weaponry.   The comes with a more modern looking gun with matching bullet canister.  He also comes with a much more classic looking tommy gun.  Finally he has a hand gun that has a bit of a futuristic look to it.The canister does not stay in place very well when inserted into the gun, but it makes for a nice display piece when it is taken apart.

What do you do with a tommy gun?  Why you take on the persona of Hammerhead of course!

Get that tommy gun warmed up, cuz this guy needs some bank robbin’ see?

Oh yes.  If you are going to have a Spider-Man wave, you should eventually bring in JJJ.  His yelling face is classic.  A good cover for Chameleon to take on as he works his way closer to beating Spider-Man.

The great thing with the Chameleon being able to change faces, you have the potential of having many different characters for your shelf, or scene.  Who wouldn’t want a JJ figure yelling at Spider-Man?  I wonder how many Chameleon doubles will be bought by people so they can have all three figures.

“Finally we are back together again!”

I think Chameleon is another fantastic figure for the line.  He looks very different dressed in a suit from the other figures in the wave.   He has great playability with three heads and three guns.  He is going to be a whole lot of fun to play with here in the future.


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