Marvel Legends – Rhino Series – Superior Venom

He is a good looking guy. From far back, the webbing around the face takes away from the overall appearance of Venom. The great thing about the original Venom was the all black design. This gets a little muddled from far back.
He comes with four arms hanging off the back. They go into specific ports on the back. Two shorter arms coming over the top, and two longer arms hanging down.

This is Doc Ock, but not the fat Doc we remember from the past.  He is a much more svelte version of himself.

“What do you say, Kraven? You wanna take a shot at taking down THIS spider?”

Kraven originally wanted a Spider for his wall.  Will he even try to take on this one?

“Maybe I will just choke the life out of you, and then eat you!!!”

Overall I like this Venom.   He looks good in his black wares.  He has extra arms that are creepy.  I am not too big on the webs up top, but they are comic accurate.  And I am not too sure about his feet.   I don’t generally like my heroes, or anti-heroes in bare feet.  It just looks dangerous.

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