Transformers: Generations – Combiner Wars: Devastator

Today, two big packages arrived from Amazon.  Waiting and waiting to find them in the wild, I bit the bullet and got…

Devastator and Ultra Magnus.  Waiting for so long for Devastator, I knew I would have to open him first and see how good he really was.   Ultra Magnus will have to wait for this weekend… though he looks AMAZING still in the packaging.  Anyway, onto Devastator and the six Constructicons in all of their Voyager Class Glory.

Scrapper, Mixmaster, Bonecrusher, Long Haul, Scavenger, and Hook  That is quite the team… especially considering they are all Voyager Class Figures.  They came packaged in vehicle mode, all in their own cardboard liner inside the massive box.  Their Devastator accessories were packaged together in a baggie.

Constructicon Scrapper:

In robot mode, he fits the bill. Purple in the middle and neon green all around. Not much to say about this guy. He looks good.
In vehicle mode, he has a moving bucket with a few points of articulation, and that gives him one of the better playabilities in the vehicle mode.

In the G1 continuity, Scrapper was the brains of the operation. The team leader. Funny for a leg to lead the team. One would think the guy with the giant head in his chest would run the show, but it was not meant to be.
Scrapper looks so much like his G1 version… with the exception of looking less skinny, and having way better articulation.

Constructicon Mixmaster:

Mixmaster is yet another robot that looks so much like his G1 counterpart. In vehicle mode, not so much.

He has transitioned to a front load cement truck.
He is a good fit for the other leg, along with Scrapper. Strong footing is required with this big guy.Who would have guessed Mixmaster would be hiding such a handsome face under there.  The Constructicons are not known for their good looks.  Most are mostly visor, and many have no mouth showing.  Not so with this guy.Mixmaster does carry a bit of junk in the trunk.  I think it is a bit of a letdown in robot mode.  He looks like he should be transforming into Waspinator.

Constructicon Bonecrusher:

Um, isn’t there supposed to be purple on this guy?  Nope.  He has only had the bit on his hands, and a tiny bit other places, but he does not play well with others.  Okay, I don’t know that for sure, and Long Haul doesn’t have much purple either, but it seems like they should have more.   If you look at Scavenger, he only has purple on his treads, and you don’t want two guys on the same team with purple treads.  

Constructicon Long Haul:

The big boy of the team. This guy is wide front to back, and side to side, in robot mode and vehicle mode. This is one massive teammate.
He is known to not really want to be a Constructicon. He wants to be a fighter alongside his fellow Decepticons. He has been known as Devastator’s crotch.

Not to mention he has been put to work with the dump truck too. It is hard being Long Haul. Well this time around he has gotten a size increase. he is now the crotch and most of the torso. He is pivotal to keeping this team together.

Constructicon Scavenger:
Scavenger is one of the figures that received the best upgrade when moving to his new Voyager Class body.   He is not such a square-chested guy any more.  I do really like the G1 nod with the semi-circular silver plate on his chest.   In G1 it was how his vehicle mode rotated, on a metal plate.  This time around it is how he hides his head.  He gets some pretty good articulation, especially in the knees where the treads break apart.  No more stiff legs for Scavenger.He gets two points of articulation in the digger arm, and that allows for some good play.

Constructicon Hook:

Short name for an important guy. Hook is the head and shoulders of Devastator. I should have a head and shoulders above the rest in there somewhere….
I like that similar to Grappel on the Autobot side, Hook is also an artist. Those cranes need to stick together.

This time around Hook does not have an extending boom, which is a bit sad. It seemed like Hasbro went to a lot of trouble to make the others very similar to their G1 counterparts.

The glory that is 18 inches of Decepticon destruction. This guy is huge, and this guy is amazing!!!
Individually, I like the Constructicons. They are fun, look like their G1 counterparts, and have good robot and vehicle modes.
Add them together, and we have something special. It is like all of the other Combiners have been leading to this moment and figure. He his huge, color coordinated, and stands impressively over the others.
He has two great hands with articulation. He comes with a chest plate that makes sure the two body pieces, as well as the two arms stay in place. He also has a mighty gun. The muzzle opening is larger than many of the heads of the Deluxe figures.

This is definitely a robot that will be on bucket lists in the years to come.  He is so impressive and good looking, and he towers over everyone just as he should.  This is the first time we actually have a Devastator that is similar to the original show in terms of height and bulk.


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