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Marvel Legends – Ant-Man Wave (Ultron)

This wave was a bit funny.  It was full of Ant-Man characters, but it featured Ultron as a BAF.  In the comic world, Hank Pym is the creator of Ultron, but this is the movie version of Ultron Prime… so a bit of a disconnect.   The line is full of great heroes and some pretty wild villains.  Let’s take a look.

Ant-Man (Scott Lang):

I really like the outfit that they used for the movie.  It was a well done motorcycle suit with some electronics.  Great for the time period the suit was supposed to be made.  As we move to future movies, we will probably see an updated suit like we have with the Avengers.

The three small figures that came with Scott Lang.

Tiger Shark:

Of course Tiger Shark would debut in Sub-Mariner. Nothing would be so fitting as that. He is another character, like Bulldozer that I really don’t know much about.
He is big and strong, and a bit weird looking. And that can be a good thing. Nobody will say the orange and purple guy with a big fin on his head will blend into the background of any shelf.He looks so menacing with the mouth full of teeth, and they are painted up just right.
We are a little thin on plot points to tie Tiger Shark to this wave. He once teamed with Egghead to try to ruin Henry Pym, but ultimately was beaten by Pym.


I don’t know a lot about Henry Camp, and his abilities as Bulldozer, other than what I have read on the Marvel site.
What I do know is that the figure is awesome. It is heavy, and strong, and well detailed. His armor has so many scratches and dings in it, and having his head wrapped like that really makes him stand out.
The link to this wave seems non-existent to me. With 7 other characters in the wave, I would think I would have found some sort of link. Really, I think the fans wanted to collect all of the Wreckers, and this was a place to throw him in. And that is fine since he is pretty darn awesome.

Grim Reaper:

Hmm, this one is a bit lacking for me. He has an outfit that is just a little bit too out there. The mask is strange, and the reaper arm makes it hard to pose him effectively.

He fits into this wave by once beating up Wasp, and teaming up with Utlron.

Wasp (Janet van Dyne):

The lone female of the wave, but boy does she hold her own. She is thin like we would imagine she should be. She has a great combination of the black and metallic gold on her suit. Her haircut is great, and really allows for wonderful movement.
The wings are translucent, and the light looks great shining through them. I was so glad they were unattached in the box. That allowed Hasbro to really go crazy and make them as big as they wanted/needed them to be. And when they are attached, they really make her stand out, and surprisingly, stand up wearing them.

BAF Ultron Prime:

We have had Ultrons in the past. Way back in 2005 there was an Ultron that was released. Much more recently there was a comic version released in the Iron Monger series.
This Ultron is so much larger and more detailed than the rest. He is outstanding.

Three Ant-Men:

Eric O’Grady (Walgreens Exc. reviewed here), Scott Lang, and Hank Pym.  Three guys that could have ended up looking very much the same all in one wave.  But they are different and look great together.

8 figures, including the Walgreens Exc. version of Black Ant.  This is a great series of figures.  It really seems that Hasbro has hit their stride, and is making some great figures.  I have already begun to gather the Rhino Series that has begun to hit the stores.  The figures I have in hand are pretty awesome, and I may not be able to wait to open the first three. We will see.

Coming up next… after this shoot, I wandered deeper into the woods and took a series of photos to create a story around this group.  It was fun with so many good and bad guys all in one place.

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