Pacific Rim – Romeo Blue

This guy is great looking. He has the look of a Jaeger, but then he gets a little crazy.  First off, you might notice the giant fin on the front of the chest. This is supposed to be extra protection for the Conn-Pod, or the cockpit of the Jaeger.

Romeo Blue was only the second Jaeger sent out to fight the Kaiju, and was very slow. It is ranked as a Mark 1, and is/was deployed in December of 2015.

As a figure, it is yet another great figure by NECA. They continue to make these figures with such amazing detail and great articulation.  Romeo Blue has one forearm open, while the other is still closed.  He also has two jump jets on his back.   There is an overall look about him that says he is an early Mark 1 version of the Jaeger.   He looks very robotic from what we see later with the higher techs of the Mark 3 and Mark 4s, where the Jaegers become more robust and take on some very unique characteristics.Romeo Blue is a fantastic figure, and a whole lot of fun to play with.   He definitely stands out on the shelf.


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