Transformers: Generations – Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the Legends Class figures in the Combiner Wars line.   We have been getting quite a few, and with the exception of Power Glide (turning into a gun), these figures don’t really have a lot to do with the Combiners.  Blackjack is changing all of that.  If you looked at my earlier review, I took a look at Menasor.  Built using 5 figures, he turned out pretty good.  He did have a giant glaring hole in his chest.   Well, Blackjack is here to fill that hole.  But more on that later.

Blackjack comes with pretty good articulation.  Overall, what we expect from these Legends Class figures.   The only thing that seems funny to me are the holes in his toes.  That just seems a bit out there, but necessary in vehicle mode.   He shows a whole lot of purple in robot mode.  And as we know, purple means Decepticon.  He takes a lot of his look from his G1 counterpart, but with a lot more detail and articulation than the tiny Micromaster version.  They did a nice job of highlighting him with a bit of gold here and there.

His vehicle mode is a nice upgrade from the Ford Probe that we last saw him wearing back in 1989.  He has a bit of purple here and there to give some good accent to an otherwise black car.  The ports on the back are for the axe (coming next), and there are two ports on the roof for when he becomes the chest of Menasor.

First time I looked at him finally all together wearing the axe, I thought, “Gee, he looks a lot like a Dark Hot Rod.”  Well, guess what?  He is going to be repainted as Hot Rod, or Rodimus.  If Menasor gets a special chest vehicle, it is only fitting that Ultra Prime gets a chest piece too.

In place, Blackjack gets lost in there.   He is black on a black body behind.  It doesn’t really do a lot for Menasor other than filling out his chest some more.    I have a problem that others have mentioned too.  The posts on Menasor’s chest don’t fit well into the ports on the bottom of Blackjack.  The posts are too small, so Blackjack just falls off.   That’s too bad.   Well, it is nice to have a little more to add onto Menasor anyway.

Overall, I like this little guy.  As a robot and as a vehicle.  He is a bit boring as a chest piece, but what are ya’ gonna’ do?

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