Transformers Generations – Menasor

Dragstip was in Wave 1 of the Combiner Wars, while the other four figures came out in Wave 2.  So now, 4 Deluxe Class figures, and one Voyager Class figure called the Stunticons, make the next Combiner in the series, Menasor.  Now we have one Autobot and one Decepticon!  Let the Combiner Wars begin!!!


Menasor is an interesting change for the Decepticon line-up.  For the parts of Menasor, all five figures are driving vehicles.  Most of the time, Decepticons go for flight.  In an effort to beat the Autobots at their own game, Megatron created the Stunticons as road bound vehicles.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Autobots went for flight vehicles when they created their own combiner,  Superion to battle the power of Menasor.  Let’s take a look at each figure to see who makes up the Stunticon team.

#1 Dragstrip:

Dragstrip is the #1 part of Menasor.  He was a part of the last wave with Superion Figures.  He comes with a purple sword and a hand/foot for Menasor.  The Stunticons seem to go for melee weapons, Dragstrip using a sword.

An issue that goes through most all of the figures in the Menasor wave, is the lack of storage for the weapons.  They have to hang off the the vehicle, and usually quite unsightly.  He is slightly changed from his G1 vehicle, choosing a much more current Formula 1 design.  The color scheme adds on a bit of pink to pull in the girl collectors.  Haha!  Just kidding Dragstrip.  Don’t hunt me down.

#2 Dead End:

Dead end is one of the most detailed of the five Stunticons.  He is primarily the burgundy color seen in vehicle mode, with extra highlights that mimic the orange stripe on the hood.  He comes with his melee weapon, a side pipe.  I feel that they should have given us two, so when they were attached to the car, both sides would match.  Alas, we get one, and it seems rather pointless in vehicle mode.

Dead End was once a Porsche 928, but now he gets to be a Ferrari 458 Italia.  I think that is a pretty good upgrade. He has a great color match to his G1 counterpart, right down to the orange rally stripe.  This is a very sturdy and well designed vehicle.

#3 Motormaster:

Motormaster is the Voyager Class figure and main body of Menasor.  He is a retool of Optimus Prime released in the Voyager Wave 1.  There are a lot of differences between Optimus and Motormaster.  He comes with a giant sword that breaks apart into one smaller sword, and a gun.

In truck mode, he looks VERY much like Age of Extinction Galvatron.  Although Motormaster’s G1 color scheme is a mostly grey robot, he was mostly black in truck mode.   I am surprised Hasbro didn’t try to get a little further away from the Galvatron look and go for more the G1 Motormaster color.   Of course he also doesn’t have the entire trailer that stays attached to him.

I was not expecting so much retooling from Optimus to make Motormaster.  The main structure is the same, but there are so many parts that have been redone to make quite a different looking truck.  They look similar, but they are not the same.

The variation in truck mode is significant as well.  Nicely done Hasbro.

#4 Breakdown:

Breakdown is the only figure that can hold his hand/foot piece on his person, and not use it as a gun.  In the packaging, Breakdown’s back is set high on his body, to fit him into the flat packaging.  It is an easy flip down and the purple hand can be mounted there.  It does not show in the directions, but it is in the cover of the comic book that comes with Breakdown.  As with the other figures in this wave, he comes with a melee weapon, a sword that can also be used as a gun.

Some think this is a Lamborghini, but I can’t tell which one.  Originally, breakdown was a Lamborghini Countach which we saw a lot of in the Autobots.  This is definitely not a Countach, but it is also a lot more squared off then the current run of Lambos.  I think it looks a lot like a Vector W8 Twin Turbo.

In robot mode, he is able to utilize the purple hand.  He also has extra tabs that allows mounting of the hand where it does not stand too far off the body of the vehicle as they do with other vehicles using the 5mm ports.  This is very reminiscent of the Universe Lamborghinis and G1 Sunstreaker that has Super Chargers mounted on the back.

#5 Offroad:

Offroad is a new recruit to the Stunticon team.  Looking like a mean ol’ Con, he also has a melee weapon, this one being an axe.   His backpack sticks out a lot more than the other figures in this wave of characters.

The rest of the Deluxe team is a race car, and two sports cars.  Offroad is quite different as an off road truck.  He replaces what was Windrider, another Ferrari in the G1 series.  Look for a repainted Dead End to come out later this year as a replacement for Windrider renamed Break-Neck.

The Stunticons:

5 parts together to make one crazy robot.  Their minds cannot work together, and that is their downfall.

The directions show Breakdown and Offroad set backwards when completed.  The large diagram that shows all five parts, shows the legs turned the right direction.

Optimus feels like a nice big Voyager figure, until he goes toe to toe with Menasor.

The Aerialbots have a much better color match that shows how they can blend together mentally as well as physically.  Menasor uses a lot less color similarities.

The party continues in the near future as the Aerialbot team is joined by the Protectobots who form Defensor for the Autobot cause.  Let’s not forget another Voyager Class figure on the horizon in the form of Cyclonus, as well as two more Leader Class figures of Ultra Magnus and Thundercracker.  Can’t wait to get Thundercracker who will put a whole lot of hurt on Starscream with a new Jetfire sized body.  Why did they choose Thundercracker?  Probably because he is my favorite Con… but probably not. Then of course there is the Titan Class Devastator that will put the hurt on everyone with 6 Voyager Class figures.  Looking forward to the future of the Combiner Wars line.


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