Jurassic World – Matchbox vehicles

It is just about time to start seeing Jurassic World toys pour into the stores. We are a little over one month away from a hotly anticipated summer blockbuster.

The first to start rolling onto shelves are the Matchbox vehicles. This is a line of vehicles that have been specially painted with Jurassic World markings.

Of course we are going to see lots of 4×4 vehicles in the single sets. We also have one boat.

There are also two 2-packs each with a flying vehicle.

This is a no-brainer to bring out in the Matchbox line. Mattel already had a deal in place with Universal for the Fast and Furious franchise, so it is only natural to strike again with the same company. It looks to be all reuses in the line. Matchbox has way more 4×4 vehicles than Hot Wheels, as well as medical vehicles and larger scale flying vehicles.

There are rows of seats in the back of this one.


The back of Mauler Hauler opens, and there are dinosaur bones back there.


Yes, this is a VTOL plane, and the wings do rotate.


It looks to be 15 single packed cars, and two 2-pack sets.  The Mauler Hauler and MBX 4×4 are the same in the 2-pack and single set, so you can skip 2 of the 15.  When you are looking at $1.49 per car at Toys R Us, this is a great way to get some movie merchandise for a good price.  The 2-packs are a little more, at $4.99, but you get the flying vehicle which usually run $3.99 on their own.


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