Transformers: Generations – Combiner Wars – Optimus Prime (Ultra Prime)

Optimus looks great in the Combiner Wars design.  He is big as a Voyager Class figure.  He looks very G1 with a bit of a modern twist to him.

He has a bit of a backpack on his back.  It isn’t too bad.  We have to hide the giant Ultra Prime head somewhere.   Luckily this is the only part of Optimus that lets you know that he is a triple changer of sorts, to become the main torso of Ultra Prime.

He comes with two guns.  One is luckily very reminiscent of his G1 gun with the big stock on the back.  The other is a bit of a smaller version.  The two can combine end to end to make a long rifle.  They both also have ports on the top.  I am guessing we have a few more options for combination with other guns when he becomes Ultra Prime.

He is a really good looking truck.  His transformation is pretty fun to do.  There are some fun little flips and folds.  He has a bit of the cab over look of the original.   I guess they wanted to get away from the long nose movie and Prime versions that we have had over the past few years.  Go Generations, and go back in design.  I like it.

The two guns can attach in ports on the truck’s back end.  They sit together and look like an engine with really long exhaust coming out the back.

Ultra Prime.  It is hard to see what he will look like as a finished giant figure, but this is a start.  His arms fold up to become larger shoulders.  His legs are the upper thigh of longer legs.  and he is reversed in direction so his back opens up to reveal his giant head and the backpack stays open.

So, now I have a mere two parts to build Ultra Prime.  I am not too happy with the slow rollout, or lack of rollout of the Combiner Wars figures.  I will be really bummed if I will only ever have two of the figures to build one of these big guys.  I am holding out hope that it is just a matter of time.  I have seen them online, but as I love the hobby of toy collecting as much for the chase as for the toys, I will NOT be buying any of these guys for scalper prices.

I am really happy with the overall design of Optimus Prime, and Alpha Bravo (last post).  They both look really good in their standard versions, unlike the not so well done Power Core Combiners that had blue boxes hanging off their bodies all over the place.  I am definitely looking forward to getting my hands on more of these guys.  I wanna build a big guy!


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