Power Rangers – Dino Charge – Pink Ranger, Fury, and Vivix

In August of 1994, the US was introduced to The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  22 Seasons later, we are at the dawn of Dino Charge.  This latest iteration of the long running show has toys pouring into the toy aisle of stores near you.  Ready or not, Dino Charge is coming on Feb 7th on Nickelodeon, but first I am going to take a look at the 5 inch figures.

Pink Ranger:

Looks like we are starting with only one girl this time around. Shelby Watkins is her name, and kicking butt is her game.  On the MMPR Wiki site, they claim there is going to be  a Purple Ranger later in the series.

One of the problems always faced by the female PR, and especially the Pink Ranger is the lack of leg articulation due to the skirt… as if we didn’t know she was a girl from the pink outfit, and clearly female body. Oh well.  She has slight movement in the hips, knee bend, and ankle twist.

I had to get her first, as most toy companies generally short pack the girls because clearly boys don’t like to play with girls.

The details in the sculpt are really nice.  She has a great torso, with a good mix of pink and silver.   Her arms are a different color pink, but that seems to match the outfit she will have in the show.   As always I am super bummed when they feel the need to print something on the back of the legs.

Villain Fury:

The packaging lists him as Villain Fury, but he will be known as Fury.  I think that is the funniest of all.  He certainly does not look like a good guy.  What kid would buy this guy and then later watching the show get upset that he ended up with a bad guy?

Fury is a big boy. He is considered a General. In other words, the big bad guys that generally run around causing massive amounts of havoc on the Power Rangers.

He is only about half a head taller than the Pink Ranger, but he seems so much bigger overall.

He has some really good articulation. Swivel in the neck. Movement in the shoulders, elbows, and “wrist.” He also has a bunch of movement in his legs, including ankle articulation, which we don’t generally see in the Power Rangers.  His rubber skirts are separated, so it allows for the good motion in the legs.  I wish we got some of that action in the Rangers themselves.

Fury comes with a pretty menacing looking sword.

Villain Vivix:

Think of the Vivix as the Putties from the original show.  You know the guys, the basic foot soldiers. A massive number of bad guys that give the Rangers a little bit of trouble for a while before only because there are so many of them.

This Vivix has great articulation. It is so funny to see bad guys with more articulation than the good guys.

The picture on the front and back of the packaging show the live action Vivix with weapons. No weapon for this guy. Boo on that. It looks like a very important part of the character.

Overall, a good start to the toy line.  I have all of what I think are the short packed characters, though I am not positive.  Getting these three were my musts.   The rest I will go after in the next few days.  I wanted to just get a taste for them and see how they are as toys.  Solid, good articulation, and fun to play with.  Can’t ask for much more than that.  I have my TiVo set for the show’s premiere on Feb 7th.

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