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Powerglide – Combiner Wars – Legends Class

Yup, that is Powerglide.  Different scale or not, a red A-10 Warthog jet turned into a robot is clearly Powerglide.   This guy does not seem to change much with each reiteration, and that is fine with me.  One of the things that stands out the most to me is his giant Autobot symbol on his chest.  He is not afraid to let everyone know his affiliation.

Here he is with the Legion class Strongarm.  He is in a slightly larger scale, to go along with the other Legends Class figures we have had in the Generations line.  Of course he is a large figure, so he doesn’t really work too well in the Legends Class, as with some other figures that have in some of the other more recent waves.  He sure does with well, playing with the Legion Class figures though.

As a jet, he is okay.  He looks like the A-10 Warthog that we know and love.  He does have the big arms hanging off of both sides, which does detract from the overall design of the jet mode, but what else can you do with the arms when he is in the smaller scale?  Not much.

A top-down look at him.  There are a lot of moving parts on this one, and he tends to sag a bit in the middle.  I think it is the usual problem of making a triple changer.  Robot, jet, and big gun.  Something has to give.  This time around, it is the jet mode.

Jetfire is lending us his Leader Class hands to show us how Powerglide looks in gun mode.   I don’t know, but I have not seen any of the Deluxe Class figures in the store yet, so I may never be able to fully build Superion.

Here are a couple of Powerglides.  The CW version is standing with the DOM Commander Class Powerglide. I definitely like the feel of the new one much better.  He has more of the G1 feel to him.  The more I look at him, the more I like him.  His robot mode is the best.  By far capturing that G1 look, with better overall appeal and definitely better articulation than the original G1 toy.

I will be looking at some more of the Legends Class figures coming up.  One of my favorite guys, Thundercracker, and Windcharger are both repaints of previous releases in the Generations Legends Thrilling 30 line.  Can you really go wrong with a whole collection of Seekers?  Starscream, Acid Rain, and now Thundercracker.  That would be 3 down and only, what 11 more to go?  Guess we will see how far they go with this one.


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