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Steeljaw – Robots in Disguise (Warrior Class)

Last time, we looked at the first two Legion Class figures.  I also managed to find the Warrior Class version of Steeljaw.  Warrior Class?!?  Yup, Warrior Class.  Apparently, trying to make Transformers more available to the masses, they came up with this new class for the Robots in Disguise line.  It is a slightly less expensive version of the Deluxe Class, but I don’t find it to be that vastly different.  The sculpting is really good, and he has a well done transformation.

Three big things that make Steeljaw stand out right away.  1.  A werewolf head in robot mode. 2. A Wolverine style claw.  3. A multi-articulated tail.   The head is pretty darn cool.  I cannot wait to see how he acts in the new show.  That claw is going to make for some pretty fun close combat.  And the tail?  Well, so far it helps him to stand really well.

I really like the design of the vehicle.  I think the angular design overall really reminds me of the Vehicons from the Prime show.  He has the giant back wheels and smaller front wheels that give him a very aggressive look. I am not too keen on the white circles that the characters have that allows for scanning.  It takes away from the overall appearance of the toy.

I did find one problem with the transformation of Steeljaw into the vehicle mode.  The hood and sides don’t stay tight together all that well.  They tend to pop apart.   I don’t know how that will be for playability over time.

He is a really good figure overall, and gets me excited to see what else we get in this first initial showing of figures for the Robots in Disguise line.  Of course we will get Strongarm, who I looked at the Legion Class figure of in the last post.  We will also see Bumblebee and Grimlock in the first wave.  Later in Wave 2 we will see Optimus Prime and Autobot Drift.  It is hard to tell a Transformers story without Optimus, and Drift is a fan favorite, so it was only a matter of time before we saw him in all of his sword wielding glory.


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