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Spider Woman – Marvel Bishoujo Statue

Here it is, December 31st, so I am guessing this will be the last blog post for 2014.  I wanted to go out with a bang, so I am looking at the Marvel Bishoujo Spider Woman. She is a knock-out, both in figure design, and attraction.  Enough with the talk, on to the pictures.

She looks amazing.  Her outfit is SO shiny.  You can see the top light reflecting on her body.  She has a great stance that is quite different from the other Marvel Bishoujo figures.  I have to say, as Koto started to work on the DC statues, their Marvel statues got a whole lot better.  I have a few other Marvel statues that were given to me as gifts, and they are smaller, and nowhere near as nice as the current run of statues.

I love her hair.  It is flowing all around her, giving some good, much needed movement to a pretty static pose.  The addition of the hand being thrown forward added a bit of extra depth to the figure too.

Easily overlooked, the back is not passed over on this one.   She doesn’t have a ton of detail on the back of her outfit, so there is a lot of room to make some great musculature.  It is accentuated by the shiny material that really stands out.

Of course, the Bishoujo statues are known for their faces, and half of Spider Woman’s face is covered with her mask, so the only appropriate thing to do was add a second face, so you can have an unmasked version, or what I call the Jessica Drew version.


In all, a great figure.  Here comes the end of a great year of toy hunting.  Overall, a really terrible year for me personally, but I am looking for a comeback in 2015.   My life is looking to be in a good place, we have a new Transformers TV show coming out, and about a million and a half comic book movies.  Can’t wait to get 2015 rolling.  See you next year… as in tomorrow probably.

Star Wars inspired Cars

There are a lot of cars out there right now being inspired by Star Wars.  The Hot Wheels cars are outstanding.  There is also a set that came from the Disneyland Resort that is from the Pixar hit Cars, that really takes the characters to a new level.

On a recent trip down to Disneyland, my wife saw Cars characters dressed up as Star Wars characters, and new my love for both, and decided to get me a variety.

In the first set I opened, it featured two Pitties as Jawas, and Luigi as C-3PO.   I was a little sad to not also get Guido as R2-D2, but you can’t get the Pitties any other way, so I think this was an okay way to do it… but you know C-3PO is nothing without his R2.

Lightning McQueen is Luke Skywalker.  There are a few similarities that run between the two characters, so it is not a big surprise that this is the way they went.  It is also not the first time we have seen Lightning in a helmet.  He has also been a jet fighter as well as an astronaut.

I think Red as Chewbacca has to be my favorite.  He is so dynamic and fun.  He has his bandolier wrapped around both sides of the chassis, as well as the bag on the right side.  he also has his bow-caster on the roof.  The paint is great, with a pinstripe feel to it.   I love the snarl on his face.  The irony of Red snarling is not lost on me.

Guess I have a reason to get back down to Disneyland sooner rather than later.  There are a few more down there that I think I need.  This is a great reflection of what Disney has acquired in the last few years, and has put to good use.

Star Wars Black Series – Han Solo

With the great success I found in the Boba Fett Black Series action figure, I figured it was time to go again.  This time I went for the scruffy looking Nerf Herder hinself, Han Solo.

I was instantly impressed by the large selection of accessories he comes with.  His standard belt and gun, as well as a Strom Trooper belt and gun.   He also comes with an extra set of hands with flying gloves on.   His alternate right hand is posed the same as the standard hand, ready to hold his gun.  The left had varies from his standard hand, looking more like he is about to grab something.

I don’t know if there is anything they could have done to make this a better figure.  He looks fantastic.  The paint is great, and it looks like hm.  He has good articulation (not as good as the Marvel Legends, but I don’t think Han was that flexible anyway).

Boba Fett seems slightly shorter.  I am not sure if we ever really see them face to face, so I cannot guess as to how well this size matches up to “real life.”   This, being my second figure, is definitely making me keep my eyes open for more.

Tranformers: Generations – Windblade

Windblade was a hard lady to track down.  I finally had to breakdown and get her off of Amazon.  I am in the toy hobby for the hunt as much as the toys themselves, but I figured with Windblade being a Fan’s Choice figure, as well as being the rare female Transformer, I should get her while the deal was good.  That and with enough other stuff for Christmas presents, I was able to get free shipping.  Always a bonus.

Windblade’s vehicle mode is a jet. An Autobot jet is not too common, but we see them from time to time. She looks like Hasbro took some cues from Prime’s Starscream. She has her legs standing tall there on the jet’s back. Not a very good design in that respect. Nothing I hate more than a “robot in disguise” that has body parts hanging out there for everyone to see.  She is pretty tricky to transform.  To get the wings locked into place, there are a lot of parts that need to be just right.  And that is on both sides, so you may get one side into place, and then it will pop loose while you are working on the other side.   Keep at it, you will eventually get it to work right.   After all of the work, there are some things that are just a bit off.  Sitting on the table, the jet listed to one side.   I don’t know if it was a part that was not transformed just right, or some thing with the overall design.   The tail also has a problem staying together, and tends to splay open at the top (see above picture).

Not that the jet is all bad.  The overall appearance of the jet is pretty cool.  The VTOL turbines rotate, and there is a front landing gear that moves up and down. Both nice touches.

I think she shines in robot mode.   She is a tough looking lady.  If she looked like Starscream in vehicle mode, she looks like Arcee in robot mode.  Yup, I think Windblade is the love child of Starscream and Arcee.

Not only did Windblade come with a sword, but it has a sheath.  We have seen quite a few swords being carried by a large number of Cybertonians, but there are very few that have a sheath to go with it.

The blade she carries is pretty fierce looking.  To give it more power apparently, there is a little turbine down by the hilt.  Guess this this the whole “Windblade” thing.

Overall, I think Windblade is a much better robot than she is a jet.  The jet has a little bit of a wonky sit, where it looks like it is listing a bit.  There are some really tricky parts to transform, so it will be really hard for kids to change her.  In robot mode, the only problem I had was with her high heels folding into her foot.  That does make play and posing her a little more difficult.    A fine figure.  Now I have to go back and read her comic and find out what she is all about.

Marvel Legends – Groot – Finally I have Nova!!

Finally, finally, finally I found Nova and got the last piece of Groot.  It makes me crazy that Marvel Legends puts out the BAF and then they don’t have enough of one figure, thus creating an unfinished BAF… in this case, Groot, that I wanted more than any of the other figures.

The detail work on Groot is amazing!  From all of the little veins and wood pieces, to the gentile addition of moss, and of course the face is the best.

The Guardians are finally all together.  I can’t believe how amazingly tall Groot is.  Since I had most of the pieces, I could see he was going to be big, but this guy is HUGE!

I still don’t know why they went with two characters who were not in the movie.  There were plenty of other characters I would like to have seen in this wave.

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