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Roadbuster – Transformers: Generations (Voyager Class)

Nope, sorry, this is not Roadbuster from Gunsmith Cats.  And if you don’t know Roadbuster, you have got to read the Gunsmith Cats manga, as well as see the movie… and Riding Bean, the back story to Roadbuster.

This Roadbuster is a modern reinterpretation of the 1985 Roadbuster of the same name, color scheme and overall appearance.  I am really happy with how Hasbro is coming out with their Generation figures and continuing their nods to the original figures.

It is funny, he has a clear back to his head to let light shine through his eyes, as most TF do, but then they painted green over the front.  You may notice the lack of affiliation with a team, and that is because he came with a fairly hefty sheet of stickers to apply all over his body.  He comes with an Autobot sticker as well as a sticker for the Wreckers.  A nice little nod to his origin.

As a Wrecker, you can’t just talk the talk.  You have to walk the walk. And what better way to do that walkin’ than to be armed to the teeth with weapons.  Rocket launcher, laser gun, machine gun, hand gun. missile launcer, and a sight.   A pretty good collection overall, and ports all over Roadbuster to make sure they can all be used at once.  Let the wrecking being!

The one problem I have with Roadbuster is the giant clown feet.  They are just so grossly out of proportion with the rest of his body.  Even if they could have been jointed back a little, that would have helped.  They play a part in the transformation into his 4×4 version.

I absolutely LOVE the fact that he fits in so well with two of the other recently released Voyager Class Autobots, Sandstorm and Springer.  They make for quite a formidable team in this larger Voyager scale.

Ninja Turtle Party Wagon anyone?  This is just a few paint strokes away from being one of the greatest TMNT/Transformers crossovers ever!

All of those ports come into good use again as Roadbuster is once again armed in his 4×4 mode.

There are directions for making a super weapon.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.   This time was a fail.  It is so oddly tall and skinny.  He looks way better with the weapons spread out across his body.

Overall, another great Voyager figure.  We have had some really good luck with fantastically designed and built larger scale figures.  They have great articulation, really nice robot AND vehicle modes.  Next up are a few that I don’t think made the cut.  Voyager Fail, and Deluxe Fail.

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