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Transformers – Generations: Legion Class repaints, Part 2

Yesterday we looked at the first two repaints, Nemesis Prime and Cliffjumper.  Today, we look at the other two, Gears and Acid Rain.


Gears is a repaint of Swerve.  I really like guys like this because they fit in well with the Deluxe figures.  These guys were always smaller in stature anyway.   The larger figures like Optimus and Starscream are out of scale, but these guys are right on.

He comes with a repainted Flanker, who is now called Eclipse. He is a good mini-con sidekick and makes for a good weapon.  I am glad they stayed together for this repaint.  The other mini-cons wouldn’t really fit well with Gears.

I have to go with the original this time around.   They are both painted well, with distinctive details and a new head for Gears.  It is just that Swerve was the first of the Legends to really make a splash and be that smaller size that fits so well.

Acid Rain:

Acid was a copy of Starscream, so it makes sense that he would be a direct repaint of the original bad guy.   His color is amazing.  That black and extremely bright green really play off one another.    He comes with a repainted Waspinator, this time called Venin.  I found Venin to be much more difficult to transform, and wouldn’t hold his gun mode very well.  That is okay with me, since I felt that this version of Waspinator was a poor execution anyway and will live in Beast Mode.

There we go again, adding purple to the bad guys.  And it looks GREAT!    He stands out so well in both modes.  The bright green is fantastic.   That is why I have to say:

This one is totally based on color alone.  They are both good robots and vehicles.

There you have it.   4 new repaints of some original Generations Legends figures.   Again, fantastic designs.  I will keep buying these little guys as long as they are being produced.  We are now up to 12, and I will buy t

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