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Transformers – Generations: Legion Class repaints

The repaints are among us.  The first two I came across were Cliffjumper (019) and Nemesis Prime (018).  Fitting as they are repaints of the original two Legion figures, Bumblebee (002) and Optimus Prime (001).


Cliffjumper is a direct repaint of Bumblebee, down to the same face.  This is not totally weird, as they are generally reused this way, with the exception of the Prime show.

Cliffjumper comes with a repainted Autobot Roller (who came with Optimus), who is called Suppressor.  He is a bit too big for Cliffjumper to hold well when he is in gun mode, but his extra gun fits quite well in Cliff’s hand.

Nemesis Prime:

He may not be purple, but to show he is a bad guy, Nemesis prime holds a purple gun/helicopter.   Another direct repaint, this time of Optimus Prime.   He was given Bumblebee’s Blazemaster, repainted and renamed Spinster.  Not the best name for a sidekick.  One problem with the reuse of this mini-con is that there is no place to put the rotors when it is in gun mode.  On Bee, the blades could be attached to his other arm.  Not so with Nemesis.

Up next, we look at the rest.  These little figures are great, and they keep coming….

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