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Slog – Transformers: Age of Extinction

Well, we continue to get some new Dinobots that never made it into the movie.  This time around we get Slog, a larger Voyager Class figure.  He is very large and in charge.  Strong and bulky with a lot of the medieval armor look that we have seen with the other Dinobots.

Take this knights of ole’.  Slog comes with two lances, and he doesn’t even have a horse to ride.  I like how strong he looks.  Big thick legs, and great armor layered all over.  His face/helmet is really cool with lots of details.  There are a lot of rubber parts on him that could pose problems in the future if they are not taken care of properly.  He is the color I think they should all be.  Some of the other Dinobots are outrageously bright. This grey/black combo with touches of red are really well executed.

I found his transformation to be very difficult, and his chest area when turned into the Apatosaurus would not stay in place.   The directions were to change Slog from the dino into a robot.  So, for the initial transformation, you had to reverse the directions, which is a terrible way to present this anyway.  It will be near impossible for kids to make this transformation on their own.   I also don’t like the giant balls that hang out on the sides of the neck where the lances can be attached.  There is a lot for me not to like in this mode.  I am going to keep him in robot mode from now on.

We might as well take a look at him with his lances and side “guns” attached.   One of the guns on mine is loose, so it will not stay up very well.   The lances coming out at head height is a bit weird visually.

I think he is a good fit with the other T4 Dinobots.  It is funny because his coloring is how I think all of the Dinobots should look, but with him in the grey color, he gets lost in the Skittles of Dinbots.  They should have made him yellow, and then we would have had a complete rainbow of Dinobots.

Cammy – Street Fighter Bishoujo Statue

I have been waiting for Cammy since I got my hands on Chun-Li.   I knew this was going to be a great pair to put on the shelf.

We moved from the heavy muscles of Chun-Li, to the tighter military muscle of Cammy.   She is presented in her classic green bathing suit.   Of course, she has to wear it so we get a view of her derrière.  I think for Cammy, since she is not wearing a whole lot of clothing, is the detail in her body.   Her muscles are so slender, and they show so well.

Look at the details around her shoulders.  The muscle masses are so fantastically done, with just the tiniest amount of shading to really help the details pop.

Even though she doesn’t have a whole lot of clothing, what she does have really looks good.   Once again, Koto’s details on areas like wrinkles are the best.   You can see how Cammy is turning and pulling the fabric of her suit.   She also has some great creases in her hat, as well as laces on her boots.  The gauntlets she is wearing is a metallic red color, that really make them stand apart from the softer texture of the rest of her attire.

Of course, the pièce de résistance is the ability to have Cammy fight Chun-Li.  Now THAT is a great feature of a product aimed at a fighting video game.   No more single poses for characters.  This time they get to pose to fight… if you so desire.  They look great on their own as well.

Needless to say, I am really excited to see what comes next.  This could be my favorite Bishoujo line yet.  As always, there are tons more pictures on my flickr page.  Click here, or find the link on the tool bar to the right.  –>

Autobot Drift – Voyager Class (Age of Extinction)

A Voyager class of a Transformer car?   Ummmmmm, nope.  This time around, we go way off the tracks and create an all new Autobot Drift.   We cross the color scheme and the head of the Age of Extinction Drift, and then mount it to Skyhammer’s body.  “A helicopter?” you ask.  Yup, a helicopter.

At least he got some big swords to still look like a samurai.   I think he is actually a really cool version.  In fact, it would have been really cool to see him in the movie.   Maybe there wouldn’t have been so much death on the Autobot’s side.

The Voyager Class version is a lot larger than the Deluxe version we got the first time around.  Their colors match perfectly.  The new Drift is on the body of Skyhammer, who I thought was really well done the first time around back in 2011.   That version was for Dark of the Moon, in which the character also didn’t appear.  Funny that this body would make two toy releases for figures that weren’t in the movies.  Ah, well.  They could do their own thing, and it is still a great figure.

These two make good bookends to one another.   They look different enough, but they still have a lot of similarities.   I really like them together.  They are almost like twins as opposed to two versions of the same figure.

Turn them both into vehicle mode, and you have every rich man’s dream of a matching car and helicopter.   They fit so well together.

I really do like this redo of Drift.   I think it would have been better if they had done the same as they did back with Skyhammer and just make up a new figure.   They don’t really have a lot of figures to go with for this movie, so making an expanded universe would have been a little better.  We are also getting a new Dinobot, and he is coming up soon.

Jetfire – Transformers: Generations (Leader Class)

One of the best loved figures and characters from the G1 cartoon, Jetfire finally makes a comeback, and in a BIG way.  This time around he is a Leader Class figure (the first for the Generations line), and he is making a big splash.

He is standing behind a Generations Deluxe Class Optimus Prime.  This shows just how giant of a figure he is.   I had not seen any pictures of him with other figures before, so I didn’t know what to expect.   I almost missed him at my Toys R Us yesterday, since I wasn’t expecting the giant box he came in.

In vehicle mode, he is the classic F-14 Tomcat that we know and love from his original design as a Macross vehicle.  The wings even sweep back, and boy do they work nice.

A little more of a nod to the G1 Jetfire, he comes fully equipped with the Macross jetpack that will allow him to fly in space.  Having a space faring character is definitely a nice addition to the Autobot team.  He also comes with plenty of firepower.

The designers finally gave a back-heavy character the proper footing.  His feet extend way back to allow him to stand easily with the wings and front of the plane, and the jetpack, all stuffed back there.

And when all else fails, put all of the fire power into one gun and let it rip.   Here goes the neighborhood.

The last time we saw a quality Jetfire was back in 2006 with the Classics line.  Even then, the scale was Voyager Class, so he was only marginally bigger than the other figures, except for the other Voyager figures that he matched sizes with.   We haven’t seen anything this big since 1985, so it is very fitting to see this guy in the 30th Anniversary lineup.  It looks like this mold is going to be used at least once more for Thundercracker, and he looks awesome!!   It will be nice to see the return of the Leader Class figures, something I think has been missing since The Animated Series.  Can’t wait.

Transformers – Generations: Legion Class repaints, Part 2

Yesterday we looked at the first two repaints, Nemesis Prime and Cliffjumper.  Today, we look at the other two, Gears and Acid Rain.


Gears is a repaint of Swerve.  I really like guys like this because they fit in well with the Deluxe figures.  These guys were always smaller in stature anyway.   The larger figures like Optimus and Starscream are out of scale, but these guys are right on.

He comes with a repainted Flanker, who is now called Eclipse. He is a good mini-con sidekick and makes for a good weapon.  I am glad they stayed together for this repaint.  The other mini-cons wouldn’t really fit well with Gears.

I have to go with the original this time around.   They are both painted well, with distinctive details and a new head for Gears.  It is just that Swerve was the first of the Legends to really make a splash and be that smaller size that fits so well.

Acid Rain:

Acid was a copy of Starscream, so it makes sense that he would be a direct repaint of the original bad guy.   His color is amazing.  That black and extremely bright green really play off one another.    He comes with a repainted Waspinator, this time called Venin.  I found Venin to be much more difficult to transform, and wouldn’t hold his gun mode very well.  That is okay with me, since I felt that this version of Waspinator was a poor execution anyway and will live in Beast Mode.

There we go again, adding purple to the bad guys.  And it looks GREAT!    He stands out so well in both modes.  The bright green is fantastic.   That is why I have to say:

This one is totally based on color alone.  They are both good robots and vehicles.

There you have it.   4 new repaints of some original Generations Legends figures.   Again, fantastic designs.  I will keep buying these little guys as long as they are being produced.  We are now up to 12, and I will buy t

Transformers – Generations: Legion Class repaints

The repaints are among us.  The first two I came across were Cliffjumper (019) and Nemesis Prime (018).  Fitting as they are repaints of the original two Legion figures, Bumblebee (002) and Optimus Prime (001).


Cliffjumper is a direct repaint of Bumblebee, down to the same face.  This is not totally weird, as they are generally reused this way, with the exception of the Prime show.

Cliffjumper comes with a repainted Autobot Roller (who came with Optimus), who is called Suppressor.  He is a bit too big for Cliffjumper to hold well when he is in gun mode, but his extra gun fits quite well in Cliff’s hand.

Nemesis Prime:

He may not be purple, but to show he is a bad guy, Nemesis prime holds a purple gun/helicopter.   Another direct repaint, this time of Optimus Prime.   He was given Bumblebee’s Blazemaster, repainted and renamed Spinster.  Not the best name for a sidekick.  One problem with the reuse of this mini-con is that there is no place to put the rotors when it is in gun mode.  On Bee, the blades could be attached to his other arm.  Not so with Nemesis.

Up next, we look at the rest.  These little figures are great, and they keep coming….

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