Transformers Generations: Rattrap

A second outing for the Generations line, into the world of Beast Wars.  Just like Rhinox and Waspinator, this one is dead-on to the original design.  Well, almost.  The original show was terrible 90s style computer graphics, and just doesn’t quite hold up with today’s CG work.   Don’t get me wrong, I still love it.  It just looks terrible.   Rattrap here is a far cry from the poor CG work of many, many years ago.   He is an outstanding representation of himself.

Rattrap looks great in his robot mode.  He has a lot of animal parts showing, but that is really the point with these Transformers.  They didn’t really disguise their animal parts well.  But they sure did hide well in animal mode.  They had to, or they would die.  I digress here.  He comes with a big cannon to hold.  It comes apart near the middle and becomes two smaller hand guns.  One of the better examples of weapons breakdowns I have seen in the Transformers toys.

Fold that bad boy up, and he looks so much like is rat version from TV, it is amazing.  He has posable limbs and an opening mouth.  His tail is the rubber material with the wire in it.  We used to see toys like that all the time back in the day.  Most didn’t hold-up to so much bending.  The wires eventually gave out and left the body parts wobbly.

There isn’t a lot of Rattrap’s robot mode showing, which is a pretty good feat, since there was a lot to pack in there.

From the bottom, you can see just how packed in there he is.   On the upper arm, you can also see the clear bomb that is stuck in his arm.  A small door opens on the top of the arm to allow the bomb to be removed.  What a fun little addition.

In all, another great addition to the Beast Wars figures.  Let’s keep this one going in the Generation line, shall we?  I wanna see more.

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