Transformers 4: Lockdown

Lockdown was supposed to be out in the initial wave of figures, but when they all came out, there were lots of Autobots, and lots of Dinobots, but there was a lack of Decepticons.  Well, now we have… 2.  Wha?!?!  We have Lockdown, and the larger Galvatron, who it technically not even a Decepticon… or a Transformer, as he was made by people.  Ah well, what are ya gonna do?

Funniest part of this picture?  Even though we see him do this in the movie, and create a lot of little pieces of Autobots flying around the screen, it is not a feature that is featured on the directions of the figure.  I know right?   The best thing Lockdown has going for him, and it isn’t even shown.   At least we get that option.

Don’t worry, for those of you who are totally freaked out by a guy with a gun for a face, you can also let him hold it in his hand.

He is a very nice looking figure overall.  There are a lot of good details in the design, and lots of colors to help break-up the otherwise drab color… not sure what his main color is.  Maybe weathered wood?  One of the neat parts is that he has his headlights on his chest.  Those are actually his headlights that go with the car.  There aren’t any extra bits hanging around that fold under in car mode.  We get a lot of pieces like that when designers can’t get the toy to transform exactly like the show or movie.  Not this time.  Great job Hasbro.

Oh no!  The molded hands.  GAH!  I was so worried when I saw these.  This is the stuff we see on the little Legion Class figures, not the larger Deluxe figures.   Though it would have been nice to have actual hands, it is apparent that the underside of the Lamborghini is very limited in space.  I will let this one go.  At least there is a swivel in the elbow, so he doesn’t have to hold the gun gangsta style.

I think i would be rather upset if I spent all the money to get a Lamborghini Aventador and this is the color. I had to look up the colors they come in, and there are some amazing colors.  Granted, Lockdown would not have looked good in the oranges, yellows, or reds, but maybe a better gun metal or a nicer silver color would have sufficed.  Maybe his is supposed to not care, and he is in primer.

Never the less, the actual car is quite amazing.   The breaks in the body to transform him into a robot follow pretty well with the body lines of the car.  And since it is a Lambo, there are a LOT of straight lines to follow.

We also get a windows down version of a Transformer.  Something we don’t get too often.

Never fear, the gun is here.   Add a little firepower to the Aventador and really take it to the Autobots.  Car vs. Car.  Nice!

I really like this figure.  There are a few problems with the robot design, skinny legs with a big torso, but this is something we have seen all too often with the “Bayformers.”  There is a whole lot that is right with this one.   And come on, he has a gun for a head.  Extra points there.


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