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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Half Shell Heroes – Leo with Glider Wings

Playmates, going for a younger audience with the toy line, came out with Half Shell Heroes, which fits in their cute lineup of other figures from different licenses. Being the lover I am of all things TMNT, I had to pick one up. Of course I am starting with my favorite Turtle, Leonardo. He comes with Glider Wings that allows him to fly. Play with the wheel on the back, and his wings flap.  The clip that goes around his waist does a great job of holding him in place.  He also has shoulder restraints that flip into place for a little extra protection.

He is a cute little guy with some good articulation for his size. His two legs have a swivel at the hips. They move together. He also has joints at the arms that allow for good rotation.

I think the Half Shell Heroes are a great Evolution figure for the Nickelodeon figure line.  

He is bigger than the little guy, and takes on a younger look of the big guy.  I think he fits perfectly inbetween.   Pre-teen adventures await.

I think he is a great figure.  There is some good value in these little guys.  They are not outrageously expensive since they come with a figure and a vehicle for about $7.  There are also 2-packs with other characters from the show, both good and bad guys.    They also have vehicles of varying sizes, from the small that come with the main characters, to larger vehicles that come with a special version of the figure (wearing helmets and the like), to really large vehicles, like the Turtle Van.  It also looks like there is a giant playset.  I don’t think I will make it all the way to buying the big stuff. but the smaller stuff is pretty fun and won’t take up too much room on the shelves, or in the case of Leo, hanging from the ceiling in his glider.

Off-Road Lightning McQueen (Radiator Springs 500 1/2)

I am a huge fan of the Cars (and Planes) franchise. When I heard they were coming out with yet another short, I knew we would be in for some fun. Add in some toys, and we have magic. This is the first of the cars, of course Lightning McQueen. He has been outfitted with off-road gear in order to race the other off-road vehicles in an epic race around Radiator Springs.

The vehicle is a classic Lightning in the style of the ending of the first movie. I think pretty much where all of the Mater’s Tall Tales take place as well.


He has a great addition of wheels with large travel to accommodate the off-road terrain. He gets a bit of extras on top as well, including a roof rack with a spare wheel as well as lights.

This is probably the dirtiest toy review to date, but it didn’t seem right to take a look at an off-road vehicle and have it clean and shiny.  I have plenty of those.  This one had to be different.

Blades the Rescue Dinobot

Dinobot fever is in full swing.  I was looking at a pretty destroyed Transformers display at my local Toys R Us, and I saw a cute little guy from the Rescue Bots line. I held him, saw he had a neat feature, and then I saw he was only $5, so I went for it.  Pretty cool little guy.

I am not really familiar with the Rescue Bots, other than they are Transformers for smaller kids. They have big parts and look pretty cute.

Blades is a helicopter in his usual mode, but this is a special version that is a Rescue Dinobot. He looks to be a mix of a pterodactyl and a jet, with some stylings of a Power Ranger vehicle to boot. If the button is depressed on his back, his wings flap.

When he is transformed, his wings pull back and lock into place, and the dino head moves away from the robot head. There is not a lot of articulation from him, but for a small kid’s toy like this, it is not to be expected anyway.

A cute figure overall, and really worth the $5. Not very easy to find a Transformer for that kind of money these days.

Bishoujo Chun-Li – Street Fighter (Kotobukiya)

“She’s got legs, and she knows how to use them.” Chun-Li is one of my favorite Street Fighter characters, and this Kotobukiya statue has done great justice to the original character. She has her amazingly detailed outfit, in beauitful blue, gold and white. Her skirt has a great flow that gives the impression of movement. Her buns have small tassels that help to also convey the movement. As the statue is rotated, it is clear, as with all other Koto statues, that this was meant to be viewed from all sides, making me a little sad that I don’t have a display case in the middle of the room.  This is an excellent figure.  I was a little worried at some of the pictures I saw when she was first revealed.  Her legs looked giant.  She is supposed to have big legs, but I was afraid they were going crazy with it.  Thankfully, with her in hand, that is not the case.  She still looks like she could kick my head off though.  Definitely a must for Chun-Li or Street Fighter fans.  This will also combine with the upcoming Cammy figure to allow the two to face off.  Sweet!

Marvel Legends – Mandroid complete

It was a long road to getting all of the parts of Mandroid.  I finally found the last two figures to finally build Mandroid.  He is big and impressive.  Let’s look at the last two figures on our way to the big guy.

Marvel Now! Captain America:

He is a big, tough version of Cap.  He has a lot of detail, and I found the paint to be pretty good.  He comes with his shield, which can be placed on his wrist, or thrown on his back.

He comes with the really good articulation we have come to know from the Marvel Legends line.   Double joints in the knees and elbows.  The leg joints are pretty soft.  I am not too keen on the rubber use that makes the knees and elbows.  The knees on my Cap are pretty loose.  I am expecting to find him laying on the ground quite often as he will no doubt loose his balance and topple over.

We have seen a lot of Cap’s as of late.  I don’t think I would have picked him up if I didn’t need the Mandroid part.   I think the movie version of Cap was pretty spot-on, so this is not that big of an addition to my collection.  Guess we will see what happens with the transition to a new Captain America.

Black Widow:

I am not a huge fan of Black Widow in the Marvel movies.  Scarlett Johansson is far from one of my favorite actresses, so I would have been fine if this had been a comic version, but the figure is okay.   She comes with two heads.  The long hair version above, and the short hair version below.  She also comes with 4 hands.  2 open and 2 grasping.  I cannot believe they would give us a Black Widow and not give her some weapons.   She has molded in guns on her hips, but that is all.

She has the same good articulation as we get with all of the Marvel figures.  It is hard to get her into poses.  She has skinny body parts and high-heeled boots that make it tricky to get her to stand on her own.  The outfit has so much detail close-up.


Six parts all in a pile.  This time I didn’t have to option to begin building Mandroid early.  Black Widow had the torso, and as she was my last figure, I just had a bunch of parts waiting around.  But from the size of the arms and legs alone, I knew this was going to be a big figure.

He is so easy to snap together, and then he can begin to wreak havoc.  The only problem I had with him was the paint on his chest.  It is a very big chest, and the plastic from the front of the box rubs against the eagle stamp.  When I found Widow, there were two, and I took the one with the least amount of damage to the paint.

He shares some of the same parts as the previous release Iron Monger.  From the abs down to the ground is the same, and they reused the fists.  The torso, arms, and head are new.  He is a great figure.  Well worth the wait and all of the hunting.  If you are still looking for parts, don’t give up, he is worth it.

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