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Transformers: Age of Extinction – Voyager Class – Autobot Hound (003) and Galvatron (004)

The third and fourth Voyager class figures for Age of Extinction could not be more different from one another.  Finally we get a bad guy (the first in 14 mainline figures I have so far).  Hound is armed to the teeth, while Galvatron only comes with one weapon.   Hound is pretty tricky to transform, and Galvatron carries the shell of the truck on his back.  Let’s look at these guys a little closer:


Look at that array of weaponry.  We are lucky with some of the figures to get one weapon, and a place to put it when the figure is not holding it.  Here, Hound gets 8 weapons and a place to stash each of them.  He comes with a triple gattling gun, two shotguns, 4 hand guns, and a knife.

When all else fails, put them together into one giant weapon for mass destruction.  Maybe it would have been helpful for Hound to do this while he was fighting the enemy in China.

A place for everything.  One gun on his back, a knife on his chest.  Two shotguns under his arms, two hand guns on his hips, and two handguns on the insides of his legs.  What an awesome array of weapons.

Meanwhile, he also has a body.  He has a bit of a tricky transformation.  His forearms are covered in a rubbery material.  I am not a big fan of the rubber, I worry about how it will hold up over time, but it sure looks neat for now.   He has really good articulation, including hip swivel and movement in his feet.   He folds up really nice to make nearly all of the truck mode disappear.  Hasbro did a great job with Hound.

Turn him into his truck, and all of his robot mode disappears.  He of course has all of his weapons, but fear not, they all go somewhere here too.  Gattling gun on one side, two hand guns and shotguns on the other.  The two boot handguns stay there inside the body.  As for the knife, that was a bit tricky.  It can go under the body in one of the ports down there.


You know Galvatron, the sort-of badguy with the hole in his chest.  No soul in there.  Quite a change from Hound.  He doesn’t have nearly the detail that Hound has.  The paint in minimal, but there are some good details on his body. The single color of his face makes it hard to see the details there.   He comes with a single cannon that shoots a projectile.

Hmmm, that is quite a backpack on Galvatron.  The movie characters are generally so thin, making their vehicle parts all but disappear.  It would be pretty hard in some cases, and this is one of them.  They opted to make a fairly accurate figure and then see what they could do about the truck.  What they did was make a fairly flat backpack (we have had worse with some of the Optimus figures in the past).  Tbis allowed them to make a truck cab that is quite clean and well executed.  The back part of the truck looks like his legs are stuck together, which is what they did.

That is a good looking truck.  Very accurate to the movie.

With the clean front half of the truck, the back half isn’t quite executed so well, but good enough.

I like these two.  Hound is way better than Galvatron, but there is something really cool about the super clean look of Galvatron’s truck mode.


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