Transformers: Age of Extinction – High Octane Bumblebee and Crosshairs

We are going to get away from the Dinobots for a bit here and look at a few of the vehicles.   Bumblebee, who we knew would have to be back, being a crowd favorite and all, and a new player, Crosshairs.

High Octane Bumblebee:

Bumblebee has been around from the start.  A fan favorite, he often has to step in and save the day to some extent, usually saving some humans or another.   It will be interesting to see how his job changes as he doesn’t have Sam to protect any more.

He has a huge amount of the car on his upper body.  Somehow he manages to stay slim like the scout he is.  There is a lot about him that still looks the same from the previous movies.  It is nice to see him not just reissued as a repainted version of a previous movie’s character.  The only drawback I have with him is the flick-fire missile on his arm.  We don’t need him to fire something (Crosshairs doesn’t, nor do any of the Dinobots).  The interest of the toy line is the fact that robots transform into vehicles, not that they fire little missiles.  In the case of Optimus Prime, they did a pretty good job of hiding the missile and the trigger, so that worked.  This one is not even removable.  If you take off the missile, he still has the launcher sticking out there.

One of the places I was most worried about was his back.   When I saw him in package, there was a lot of car’s top hanging down around his legs.  I was really worried that it was going to be left as one giant piece, and really mess with the overall design.  Thankfully, it was just the way he was packaged, so he would fit in the proper size bubble.   His roof folds over itself into a pretty tight backpack.

Finally Bee gets the Camaro treatment he was always meant to have.  I have nothing against the new Camaro design, I just know the writers of the first movie really wanted to go with this version of the Camaro when he was found by Sam, but there would be no way a kid would be able to own one of the most desired Camaros out there.  Flat black with a touch of yellow highlights.  He is lookin’ mean, and a great color choice for a scout.


Crosshairs has a very interesting face.  It looks like goggles on his head.  My overall impression of him in robot mode is that he is fine.   Nothing too special about him.   The shoulders are a little high, making it rather hard for him to see what is going on to the sides.    I do like that he comes with three guns.   He has this two-handed machine gun type weapon.  No, he can’t hold it with both hands.   He also comes with two smaller hand guns.  They fit into holes behind his side flairs.  Speaking of the side flairs, I am not impressed.  I am actually a lot worried about them. They are made of a rubber type material that folds from the car’s body and attaches into slots on his chest.  It looks like he is supposed to have these softer flairs that move when he moves.  I think it might be a Matrix kind of thing.

Here is the real problem with Crosshairs:

I thought we were done witht his lazy design garbage.  The hood of the car just sticks out back there.  I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t put a better hinge there to allow the hood to fold all the way up to Crosshair’s back.  Grrr!  Not to mention that the side flairs, from the side, look like the side of the car.  This is some pretty lazy designing.

When Crosshairs is transformed into vehicle mode, good things happen.  He looks so nice in vehicle mode. That is a sweet Corvette.  The colors work well together.   His transformation is a little tricky.  Again, they say, “Reverse direction to change to vehicle mode.”  I can’t imagine kids being able to follow those direction going backwards.

So, better in vehicle mode… until you put him next to another vehicle:

Why is he so stinkin’ HUGE!?!?!  He is about 50% too big sitting next to Bee.   In robot mode, they look good together.  What happened making him in vehicle mode?   They did it again, and messed with the overall design. Don’ they put these into computers or something?

Even next to Optimus he is too big.  Ah well.  He will probably spend is days in robot mode anyway.  I don’t like the rubber pieces being twisted up under the body.  I just don’t like the thought of them getting damaged.


Overall, a good start to the vehicles.  I assume we will get to see a lot more new vehicles as we continue toward the opening of the movie.  I already found Drift, waiting in the wings for his spotlight.  More to come…


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