Hot Wheels New Model – Let’s Go – #165

This year we see the continuation of the Mini Figure trend in Hot Wheels.  The 2014 version is called Let’s Go.  I think this is a very thin take on Lego.  Last year we saw our first Mini Fig car with the Fig Rig.  It was a Hot Wheels scale truck with a lot of extra posts and handles added on.   This time around, it is a Mini Fig scale go-cart.

It is clear that more design went into this one, toward the idea of it fitting into the scale of the mini figs.  There is an actual seating area for the figure in the Let’s Go.  The Let’s Go also has a few more places to hold on than the Fig Rig, and they are integrated a little better too.

Hang off the back in an insane attempt to hold back your competition.

Better yet, hang upside down off the front as a wind screen for the driver, or for showing off at the circus.

In addition, there is a post on the top of the engine for a one leg balancing act, two handles on either side of the engine, and it looks like the exhaust port is the right size for a Lego post.  It looks like this car is a lot more interactive than the Fig Rig.   It is a fun car to play with, and for kids, it is crossing toy lines, so that makes for even more fun.   What do you collectors think?  Wanna see more of these cross-industry vehicles?


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