Transformers: Age of Extinction – Evasion Mode Optimus Prime (Voyager)

T4 Optimus with the G1 counterpart.   It is neat to see how Hasbro actually look color cues from the original Optimus for this Evasion mode version.

Evasion Mode Optimus comes with a gun that has a spring powered projectile.  Pretty nice since we seem to keep ending up with flick fire missiles, or guns that transform. This one is nice and simple.

He is definitely the movie version of Optimus.   He seems to be a thinned down version with out the giant front hood of the regular version of Optimus we have seen through the previous three movies… and later in this one.   I don’t see why they couldn’t use this design from the start.  it works well.

The gun sits a little tall when he is holding it.  It looks like they made a gun with a handle, and then realized the handle has to be round to be held in the hand, so they added an extra piece to the bottom.

The back stock gets in the way of it being held any lower as well.  A few things wrong with a gun is not a huge deal for me.  I like the overall appearance of it.

This guy can pose.  He has a lot of good movement all over his body that allows for very dynamic poses.

I think it really does have a lot to do with a slimmer design.  They didn’t have to try and hide the giant truck hood somewhere, and Hasbro was able to work on better articulation.

Here it is… truck mode.  A G1 homage to the original design of Optimus.  Why couldn’t we have had this all along?  This is great.  The colors are right on too.  Speaking of colors, it is funny, since they painted him up just right, but it is wrong for the movie.  Guess they didn’t want to go with the busted-up look we will see.

How is that for a comparison?  Pretty nice look to the new version.  It is funny how close they are in scale, when in robot mode, the T4 version of Optimus is a head and a half taller.

And the problem.  Transforming Optimus for the first time, this part broke off.  I didn’t even given any pressure, and the pieces snapped at the smallest section.  It is partially the nose of the truck, and the rest is part of the hood.   It  looked to be a clear piece that was painted, to allow for clear windows in the front.  Again with problem clear parts.  Any major problems I have had with brittle parts have come from clear pieces.

I have since glued it back together.  Hopefully it will be all right.


Overall, I am happy with the design.  I am not very happy that the front end broke off the guy, but hopefully the glue will set it right.   Up next… more Dinobots.


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