Transformers: Age of Extinction – Grimlock

The Big Boy!  Grimlock, finally making a showing in the new Transformers film.  I have been waiting through three movies for this one.  They are looking to be big in the film, so the best guy to start with is the Leader Class Grimlock.  He is big, and he is chromed all over.  A little homage to the G1 Grimlock.

He has quite a few colors across his body.  Chrome, black, grey, and fades of metallic orange.  From the first look, he doesn’t look a lot like the G1 Grimlock.  The colors are different, there are no tell-tale designs that speak to the G1 Grimlock.  His head is quite different, and he doesn’t have his sword.

There is a trend you are going to see in the Dinobots.  In robot mode, they have a medieval appearance, which looks like they are wearing knight’s armor, especially in the head designs.  Some are even more blatant about it than Grimlock’s head.

Hmmmm, pointy shoes.  I don’t know about this design feature.   It is a bit strange to see an elf shoe on a big fighting robot.  This trend follows all of the dinobots.  They all have the pointy little shoes.

It was not on the directions, so I don’t know if it is an actual design feature, or a happy accident, but the mace can be folded up, combined with the shield, and stored on Grimlock’s back.  It is out of the way when you don’t want him holding all of his weapons.

Now we get to his beast mode.   Are we back to Beast Hunters?  Nope, on to Transformers 4.   This is not a very accurate T-Rex.  It sure would have been nice to have seen him look a lot more like a T-Rex rather than the more stylized designs we saw during the Beast Hunters run of Prime.  It looks like, from the movie trailers, he will not really ever look like a T-Rex.  Dragon yes.    His body is very wide.   The ribcage is about half again as wide as what looks to be proper proportions.   This leaves him looking a little flat across the torso.

The face is great.  He has a moving jaw which makes for lots of good playability.   He can move his tiny little T-Rex arms.  Two points of articulation there.  Pretty nice.


Overall, I am happy with Grimlock.  There are some things I would like to have seen be a little better.  A sword, a robot head that looked a bit more like the classic Grimlock, and a little more T-Rex looking dino design.  His transformation is pretty good.  One problem there is the direction say, “Reverse order to change to dino mode.”   This would be nearly impossible for a kid to do.  The directions to go in reverse order are quite tricky.   Good luck parents.


Coming up next.  We have a trio of dinobots as well as a trio of Autobots.  One of them breaks on me, with no pressure at all.  Find out which one you will need to be careful with…


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