Marvel Legends: Captain America and Baron Zemo

How better to show these two figures than with a fight?

Captain America and Baron Zemo face off in a battle. Cap is in his stealth gear. Baron Zemo looks very much the comic version he represents. This time Zemo comes at Cap with a leopard print hand gun. Cap can take on a hand gun.

Once Cap gets the gun away from Zemo, things get medieval. Zemo draws his sword, and it is blade against shield. Zemo doesn’t have a chance.

One final toss of his shield, and Cap has put an end to Baron Zemo.

Both of these figures turned out very well.   Cap is outstanding.  He has such great detail in his outfit.   The dark colors work well to give a bit of a stealth look that he had at the beginning of the movie.  And the articulation?  Let that one speak in a single picture:

It was not long ago that you would never have been able to get Cap to get that small behind his shield.   Taken from the movie, it was a mission of mine to see if the figure could do what he did in the movie.  As it turns out, it would be really hard to shoot him ducked down like this.

As for Baron Zemo, a good comic figure.  He has really nice details.  Two weapons are a nice bonus too.


Now I am only two parts short of a Mandroid.  Here’s to the continued hunt.


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