Rhinox – Transformers Generations

Finally!!!   I have finally gotten my hands on the Rhinox figure.  I have been wanting him for so long.  My reconnection with Transformers began many years ago when I was in college.   A new friend, Matt, introduced me to the Beast Wars series.  We bonded over our love for Transformers over many nights of watching the entire series on DVD.   Many years later, we are finally seeing some new Beast Wars figures thanks to the Generation line.   Living up to the name “Generations,” we have seen many of the Transformers properties covered.  Now, some Beast Wars.

 I love how close Rhinox looks to his TV counterpart.  His colors look great.  We can really see the difference between the robot and animal parts.  He is very bulky, so there are some slight problems with articulation.  IN his elbows, he cannot make a full 90 degree bend.  He makes up for that with pretty good articulation in his legs.  Speaking of legs, they are very important for the next part of the body… the back.

I was a little worried about where the giant rhino head was going to end up.  The head along with all of the back pieced from snout to tail all fold up together to form a sort of backpack.  It definitely is out of his way, and doesn’t look too terrible.  This is generally why I shy away from the robot to animal Transformers, but this one works.

In the head, the horns, ears, and teeth are all one single piece of rubber.  Slightly flexible so kids won’t stab themselves.   What it really does, is give a lot of extra weight to the backpack.  And sticking out back there, kinda makes Rhinox a bit back heavy.  The legs are pretty good for articulation, so it is pretty easy to get him all set in a pose that allows him to stand well.

Into animal mode.   What a nice looking animal.  He has a moving mouth, as well as some articulation in the shoulders and hips.  I don’t think you will ever get him into a great running pose, but he has a little bit to work with.  One of the best attributes this guy has going for him is are the small seam lines.   There are not giant gaps our robot parts sticking out all over the place.   He is pretty clean except for the back of all of his legs.  There you can see the green of robot parts.  Leading to my favorite feature of Rhinox:

The final part of the transformation from robot to animal is to attach the two guns together and slide them into he abdomen.   The body closes around the guns, and viola!  You don’t have to figure out what to do with two handguns while he is in beast mode.  What a great design feature.


Overall, I am very happy with Rhinox.   He is a favorite from way back, and now he is a favorite again.  Any chance for a few more Beast Wars figures in the future?  Yes there is.   We have already seen Waspinator in the Deluxe line, and Rattrap is scheduled to come out this year, also in the Deluxe line.  With the looks of Waspinator, and now Rhinox, I am very happy, and ready to see what else they would like to attempt to bring back.


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