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Marvel Legends: Captain America and Baron Zemo

How better to show these two figures than with a fight?

Captain America and Baron Zemo face off in a battle. Cap is in his stealth gear. Baron Zemo looks very much the comic version he represents. This time Zemo comes at Cap with a leopard print hand gun. Cap can take on a hand gun.

Once Cap gets the gun away from Zemo, things get medieval. Zemo draws his sword, and it is blade against shield. Zemo doesn’t have a chance.

One final toss of his shield, and Cap has put an end to Baron Zemo.

Both of these figures turned out very well.   Cap is outstanding.  He has such great detail in his outfit.   The dark colors work well to give a bit of a stealth look that he had at the beginning of the movie.  And the articulation?  Let that one speak in a single picture:

It was not long ago that you would never have been able to get Cap to get that small behind his shield.   Taken from the movie, it was a mission of mine to see if the figure could do what he did in the movie.  As it turns out, it would be really hard to shoot him ducked down like this.

As for Baron Zemo, a good comic figure.  He has really nice details.  Two weapons are a nice bonus too.


Now I am only two parts short of a Mandroid.  Here’s to the continued hunt.

Casey Jones – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Um, oops.  I have been sitting on these pictures since March.  There has been a lot going on in life, and something had to get bumped.  It was poor Casey Jones.  And it is even sadder being that he is a great figure.

I love the Playmates figures for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show on Nick, but I have HATED the human figures. They lack articulation big time.  That is, until Casey Jones came along.  He has all of the major articulation the Turtles has, plus a swivel in the waist.  Nicely done Playmates.

He comes with his baseball bat and hockey stick.  Both “weapons” attach to his back.  I would like to have seen them in a color other than white, but maybe I will have to go back in there and touch them up.   The hockey stick is not even the right stick.  Casey in the show runs around with a goalie stick, so a little off there.  It can’t be that hard to hand make a hockey stick.  Challenge accepted.

With his best Turtle friend and greatest antagonist, Raph, Casey is a great scale to fit with the Turtles.  He is slightly taller.  With some figures like Shredder, it was apparent they were trying to get him to fit in the same size bubble as all of the other figures.  This time, it worked.


Now all I need to find is Spike.  You know, Raph’s little pet turned angry alien Turtle?  Yup, he is coming, and I hope he is great.

Winter Soldier – Mandroid Series

Now that I am pretty much done with the Green Goblin Series, of course we will see some more Captain America (or Mandroid Series) figures coming out.  I think Hasbro really blew this one.  They brought the two waves out on top of one another, and really went for it with Spider-Man first.  Um… did they not realize Captain America came out first this year?  I remember seeing weeks of nothing but WWII Cap in the stores.   And then they went on sale.  Were they wondering at Hasbro, why the toys weren’t selling, or was that Target?   Either way, They did not go about this the right way.   Well, we are back on track now.

Winter Soldier.  There are some good and some bad about this guy.  Mostly the figure is outstanding.  His extra pieces stink.  Here we go:

Winter Soldier’s details are fantastic.  From the head sculpt with the mask, to the outfit and the arm.   He has the really good articulation we have come to expect from the Marvel Legends figures.  The belts on his torso and waist are extra pieces and really give some nice extra detail to the figure.

He is a good foe for this wave’s Captain America.  They both have such great detail and really stand out.

The Gun:  What is this?!?!  It looks like it was made by Nerf.  I somehow doubt that Winter Solder would run around with a bright red sniper rifle.  That just doesn’t work in the real world of the Marvel movie line.   And it is bent.  Did they really need to make the gun out of rubber?   It is a solid block of rubber, but as you get out to the barrel, it becomes a thin block of rubber, that has been deformed in the box.

The face:  We get a bonus head in the box.  Again I think the extras are a bit of a miss.  The head does not look good.  It may have looked better if it didn’t have the black face paint.  I will definitely be sticking with the masked face.

Speaking of extras, where are the alternate hands we have been seeing pop up on so many of the figures in these two waves.   I guess Winter Soldier can only fight with guns.  No punching this time.  I would really liked to have seen at least fists, if not open hands as well.  We don’t really need two trigger finger hands.


Overall a nice figure.  Great details all around.  He is lacking in the accessories, but it doesn’t detract from the main figure.   Now I have to track down the last two figures to finalize Mandroid.  A head, and a torso and we will be ready for a big fight.

Rhinox – Transformers Generations

Finally!!!   I have finally gotten my hands on the Rhinox figure.  I have been wanting him for so long.  My reconnection with Transformers began many years ago when I was in college.   A new friend, Matt, introduced me to the Beast Wars series.  We bonded over our love for Transformers over many nights of watching the entire series on DVD.   Many years later, we are finally seeing some new Beast Wars figures thanks to the Generation line.   Living up to the name “Generations,” we have seen many of the Transformers properties covered.  Now, some Beast Wars.

 I love how close Rhinox looks to his TV counterpart.  His colors look great.  We can really see the difference between the robot and animal parts.  He is very bulky, so there are some slight problems with articulation.  IN his elbows, he cannot make a full 90 degree bend.  He makes up for that with pretty good articulation in his legs.  Speaking of legs, they are very important for the next part of the body… the back.

I was a little worried about where the giant rhino head was going to end up.  The head along with all of the back pieced from snout to tail all fold up together to form a sort of backpack.  It definitely is out of his way, and doesn’t look too terrible.  This is generally why I shy away from the robot to animal Transformers, but this one works.

In the head, the horns, ears, and teeth are all one single piece of rubber.  Slightly flexible so kids won’t stab themselves.   What it really does, is give a lot of extra weight to the backpack.  And sticking out back there, kinda makes Rhinox a bit back heavy.  The legs are pretty good for articulation, so it is pretty easy to get him all set in a pose that allows him to stand well.

Into animal mode.   What a nice looking animal.  He has a moving mouth, as well as some articulation in the shoulders and hips.  I don’t think you will ever get him into a great running pose, but he has a little bit to work with.  One of the best attributes this guy has going for him is are the small seam lines.   There are not giant gaps our robot parts sticking out all over the place.   He is pretty clean except for the back of all of his legs.  There you can see the green of robot parts.  Leading to my favorite feature of Rhinox:

The final part of the transformation from robot to animal is to attach the two guns together and slide them into he abdomen.   The body closes around the guns, and viola!  You don’t have to figure out what to do with two handguns while he is in beast mode.  What a great design feature.


Overall, I am very happy with Rhinox.   He is a favorite from way back, and now he is a favorite again.  Any chance for a few more Beast Wars figures in the future?  Yes there is.   We have already seen Waspinator in the Deluxe line, and Rattrap is scheduled to come out this year, also in the Deluxe line.  With the looks of Waspinator, and now Rhinox, I am very happy, and ready to see what else they would like to attempt to bring back.

Ultimate Green Goblin – Build-a-Figure Complete

On the way back from a 3-year-old’s birthday party, we stopped at a Wal-Mart in the middle of Podunk Nowhere.  I figured it was as good a place as any for a toy hunt.   Amongst the pile of Marvel Legends, there was the missing piece I was looking for to complete Ultimate Green Goblin, the head.

I either needed to find Carnage, or Toxin.  Well, it was Toxin in the box, so it was Toxin I bought.   He is pretty terrible in person.   Just an all around strange figure.   His head is terrible, he is out of perportion, and the back tendrils look really strange.  But at least I have Goblin now.

Goblin is big and menacing, and on fire.  This is not the old mask-wearing Goblin.  This is one large, scary guy.

Compared to Spider-Man, he is quite a beast of a figure.  He could hold Spider-Man around the waist with his big hands.   I wish he would have come with a better figure, but you can’t always get what you want.   Overall, I am pleased with the look of Goblin, and I am looking forward to finishing the Captain America Series as well as starting on the new Guardians of the Galaxy series.

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