Autobot Whirl – Generations

I am not sure about Whirl this time around.   He looks a little too robotic, and a lot less Transformer than I would like.  He is a good figure in many ways, but he stands apart from the other figures, looking more alien than even Shockwave.  He is definitely an homage to his G1 version that looks very similar in both robot and vehicle modes.

I think Whirl is supposed to fit in with the other Triple-Changers in the line, so they gave him this partially transformed version.  Looking like something out of Macross, I am not sure that a helicopter can really do a half-transformation justice, like a jet can.

Fully transformed into vehicle mode, he looks like a beefed-up version of a Cobra helicopter.  The transformation is pretty fun, and fairly easy to accomplish.  He holds together well in both vehicle and robot modes.

He comes with 4 accessory weapons that attach to points on his body in vehicle and robot modes.   He has a missile launcher, rocket launcher, machine gun, and alternate weapon that attaches to his hand.   There are two ports on the sides of the helicopter body to attach two weapons.  There is also a place for a chin mounted gun, but without long enough landing gear, the gun makes the helicopter sit at a strange angle.  There are some other places to attach the other weapons as well.  I think one of the drawbacks to the weapons is having SO many attachment points, and really giving the weapons a bulky look.

Overall, Whirl is an interesting figure.  He is very unique looking, from the single eye, to the claw hands, to the backwards joints of the knees.  He comes with a sheet of stickers to give him more character.   Strangely, there are many of the stickers that are printed white lines or words that just blend into the light blue of the body.   I would like to have seen some darker color choices for the lettering.

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