Turtle Sub – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Donatello in scuba gear, teamed up with a Turtle Sub.   Nice going guys. This one is fun.  Of course, for those that watch the show, this is a scaled down version of the larger sub.  It works well at this size.

The interior is empty except for steering and a viewer.   The outside is where all of the fun is.  At the front, the jaw is hinged with spring action for biting.   There are two places for missiles, but only one of them is actually a launcher.  Boo!  How hard would it have been to make them both fire?   The flippers rotate, as does the periscope.  Finally, there is a holder for Donny’s bo staff.

Inside is a tight fit for Donny.   He has to take on a weird position to get all the way down there.  It is a good think the Turtle Sub has a rounded back.

Overall, a good set.  Don’t go for this one if you just want Donatello.  He has some special stuff, the bladed bo staff, as well as a knife that gets held in place on his leg.  Otherwise, he is not terribly great.  If you are after a fun vehicle that won’t take up all that much room, this is a good buy.   The sub looks good, and it functions well.  Enjoy!

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