Transformers Generations: Mini-Con Assault Team

The Mini-Con Assault Team is the next set of figures in the Deluxe line of the Transformers: Generations.  It is fun to look at the larger robot that the three figures form.  I see two cockpits that form his chest.

The three Mini-Cons consist of: HeavytreadRunway, and Windshear.  These are three half-sized robots, looking more like they are out of the Power Core Combiners than the Generations line.  They are somewhat limited in their articulation due to their size, but they are pretty good.  They certainly look like they belong together with the color scheme they are all sporting.

Their vehicle modes are pretty well done.  The jet is fine.  No extras there.  The tank would have been much improved with a rotating turret, though it is easy to see why he can’t with the small size.   The helicopter is probably the weak link in the three.  The legs of the robot just hang out there on the sides of the copter’s body.

In all, this is another good figure for the Generations line.  What I really like is the diversity we have seen with this wave.   From an Armada figure, to a War for Cybertron figure.  Throw in a combiner, and next we will look at a figure that comes with Targetmasters.   This is proving to be a  great part of the long lasting Generations line.  I sure hope there is more fun to come.


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