Transformers Generations: Goldfire

These second-wave figures sure do seem to be coming in very slowly.  I found Waspinator all by himself on a peg at a store.   Then I found Goldfire on the peg all by himself.   It sure would be nice to find a few together so my hunt doesn’t take forever.  Anyway, at least I have him in hand.

Is he worth the wait?  Sure.  He is a pretty okay figure.  I am happy with how he turned out as a “repaint” from Bumblebee.  He comes with a new head, and he is pretty tough looking.   I like that he comes with the little devil horns, so he is not too different from Bumblebee, but he is definitely his own bot.

He comes with the same blasters as Bumblebee.  They can be separate, or combined to make one big blaster.   The color matches Goldfire’s robot body.   I have to say that I am really happy with how the color disappears in vehicle mode.  There is not a trace of blue on him, except for the windows.

Vehicle mode is still sort of so-so for me.  A strange sort of Mustang GT-500 kind of thing going on.  I do like the color a lot.  It it toned down from the bright yellow of Bee.   The only mis-colored place on the car is at the back window, where there is a painted gold section that does not match.  Pretty good overall.

I like it when a paint app can really change a character.  This is not my favorite design for Bee, but it is clearly him.  I like that we have seen the return of Goldfire.   Overall, a good figure to pick up.   He is better in robot mode than in vehicle mode.  They make a good pair.


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