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Battle Shell Leonardo

Here I was, all set to have just another toy with a dumb gimmick.  It isn’t realistic for a Ninja Turtle to have an opening shell with weapons inside.  We have not seen that in the show.  Why would we get one now?   Well, the answer to that is, because they were able to take up the extra space in the body without ruining all of the great articulation of the figure.

The new Leonardo is slightly smaller than the first version.  He has a great look to him, and looks a little bit more like the show’s design, from the shape of the face, to the toes on his feet.  He comes with his standard swords that still attach to his back.  In addition to keeping all of his articulation, he has an extra twist at the wrist.

The back opens to reveal a throwing blade, two throwing stars, and a spike.  They all lay in there, with the knife really holding them all in place.   The shell snaps into place, keeping it from moving around when he is being played with.

Best part of the special shell?  It allows one guy to do a whole lot more damage.  😉  Here I was thinking I was going to just pick up one.  What do I need with another set of four turtles?  I have the first version of the guys, and the Stealth Tech set.  Could this set be worth getting?  Yes it can.   A new head sculpt that looks a lot more like the show, really goes a long way with these guys out of the box.   I have to go hunt down the other three now. C’ya.


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