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Spider Bytez – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I almost passed on getting Spider Bytez.  He was not that great a character, and the bad guys never seem to be as good as the Turtles when it comes to the toys.   I figures, what the heck, and grabbed him anyway.  I am glad I did.  He is a fun little guy.   He makes for a pretty tall bad guy once all four of his spider arms are installed on his head.

When he came boxed, it was hard to see what we were getting with the extra spider arms.   I could see we were not going to get any leg articulation on the main figure, but it looked like  the rest would give us something good.  And it did.

I have had hours of bendy fun with him.  He has ball joints where his spider legs attach to his head.  Each arm can swivel all the way around to face any way you want.  He does get back heavy when that are all facing backwards.    There is also a joint about halfway up the arm.  I don’t really thing you could want much more in an arm like this.  Pretty good there.   His sculpt is not as basic as I though on first look either.  All of the parts highlighted in red are actually molded on the body.  He has great teeth that fix into a mouth that actually goes back a ways.

Overall, a good figure.   Way better than the people we have been getting that are WAY too small.  I will talk more about this coming up in a new review.  Star Wars anyone?

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