Daily Archives: December 15, 2013

Beast Hunters: Arcee

I think it got down to making a “Beast” Figure out of everyone, and the last few were stretching it.  I think they should have gone more with the “Hunter” theme and less “Beast.”  We had a great Optimus, who looked like he was ready to go hunting.  Bumblebee and Smokescreen where weaponed up, and looking for a fight.  Even Bulkhead (albeit a bit on the small side in the Deluxe line) had armor.   Then we had a the few that were a little more “Beast.”   Arcee here is one of those.

They gave her bat wings all over the place.   I think they could have done with a little less of that and we would have been just fine.

The double bow was a  good idea, it was just executed a little too big for my taste.  It is bigger than her, and probably weighs about as much.

Ah well, at least we have everyone from the show in a beast deco now.  One more Beast Hunter to go. And this one is not even a Beast Hunter.  At least we got him. 😉

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